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Standard measurement software MSR32 for WINDOWS

Version:  1.0

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Overview MSR32:

  • Software available in english and german (Windows Resource Files)
  • 512 channels, hardware independent, channels can be separated in up to 15 channelgroups
  • Internal data buffer for saving measured values, size depends on free disk space
  • Works mainly like a recorder, values stored in the buffer are available at program start
  • Formula interpreter with many special functions
  • 25 individual line graphic windows, linear and/or logarithm axis, up to 4 individual Y-axis
  • Individual adjustable Table view
  • Process graphic with passive background picture and active symbols
  • Special graphic log p,h-diagram (for cooling and climating processes)
  • Special graphic "color table" (works like a thermo camera)
  • All documents and screenshots are printable or can be saved to clipboard , JPG- or BMP-files
  • Hardware independent OPC Client/Server Technology
  • All hardware driver located in one library (DLL-file) ,e.g..hardware with RS232/422/485, therefor PC independent (RTI-820 board from Analog Devices optional available).
  • Supports up to 4 COM ports
  • Supports many measurement devices, e.g. all devices witháCAN-Bus, Siemens S5/S7, OPC, J-Bus Protocol, ÁMac-1050, Siemens Recorder, Yokogawa-Recorder, ICP-Modules, Eurotherm-Controller, 6B-Modules, Gantner-ISM-Modules, etc. List of possible hardware will be extended, customer specific hardware can be implemented on demand
  • Up to 5 individual measurements with different channelgroups
  • Supports direct data access to Excel for creating protocol sheets in Excel
  • Measurement and evaluation of characteritic curves direct in Excel
  • Evaluation program with export functions to Excel/Diadem included
  • Optional Remote Monitoring via LAN available
Data analysis and visualization
Formula collection
Measurement data acquisition
Measurement protocols
Measured value display
Target groups:
  • Resaerch and develoapment
  • Laboraty
  • Quality control
from 1783.81 EUR (1499.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client
from 2378.81 EUR (1999.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client
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