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Reporting tools support evaluations, statistics and analyses, for example of liquidity, balance sheet, consolidation, balanced scorecard, forecasting, sales controlling. The key figures are prepared within a reporting system and presented appropriately for controlling. The core objective of reporting is to create reports easily and efficiently and to provide the information to the appropriate recipient at the right time. Reporting software should increase the transparency of the operational structure and process organization. For example, key figures that are relevant for investors can be displayed or published.

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The reports are usually multi-dimensional. They include past values, current and forecasted values, as well as comments on the situation, etc. Uniform reporting offers the advantages of a uniform corporate database. It improves the communication basis for all parties involved and enables more efficient planning and analysis. Reporting is therefore often linked to business intelligence.

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U2 Country by Country Reporting
Generation of the Country by Country Report message in OECD/ELMA5 XML format
Generation of the Country by Country Report message in OECD/ELMA5 XML format The software solution U² Country by Country Reporting converts the required country by country data (company data, key figures and business activities) e.g. from Excel into the required OECD/ELMA5 XML format.
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