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ERP / PPS business software for small and medium-sized enterprises


ERP / PPS business software for small and medium-sized enterprises

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ERP / PPS / enterprise resource planning especially for SMEs in the service, trade and production sectors. For you in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Thailand. Project references in over 40 different industries. User and module scaling from 3 to 100 users. Get our free trial version!

A unique selling point of the MiCLAS standard software is the highly flexible trigger technology and the integrated variant system for articles, services, parts and price lists, costing, etc. Parts lists can have any number of sub-levels and combinations of variable and constant items are possible within each of these sub-levels. Thanks to the Visual Basic-like definition language VIM (Visual Interpreter for MiCLAS.), the variant system offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating variants.

Even with updates, the triggers and variants created, as well as lists and forms, remain executable. This is also guaranteed for company-specific adaptations of the software.

MiCLAS supports the following areas in the company:

Merchandise management:

  • Quotation system
  • Preliminary costing
  • Order management
  • Dispatch
  • Collective delivery bills and invoices
  • Blanket orders
  • Customer provisions
  • Order management
  • Supplier reminders
  • Supplier provisions
  • Warehouse management (incl. incoming goods warehouse, blocked warehouse, QA warehouse, transfer warehouse, commission and consignment warehouse)
  • Quality assurance (test equipment management, test plans, test reports)
  • Disposition
  • Logistics
  • Materials management
  • Order tracking
  • Multi-level project management
  • Resource management
  • Leasing


  • Production planning and control (PPS)
  • Production orders
  • Capacity planning
  • Backward scheduling
  • Article substitution
  • Simultaneous costing
  • Subsequent costing
  • PDC
  • Interface to CAD systems
  • Quality assurance (test equipment management, test plans, test reports)
  • Tool management
  • External production


  • Open items management
  • Bank statement manager
  • Incoming and outgoing payments
  • Dunning system
  • Cash book
  • Financial and liquidity planning
  • Data export to any financial accounting system (e.g. DATEV, Diamant, Varial, Mesonic)


  • Sales management incl. sales projects
  • Sales information
  • Task management

Human resources management:

  • Vacation
  • Illness
  • Business trips
  • Day
  • Time and shift models
  • Allowances
  • Flexitime
  • etc

Document management:

  • Full text search
  • Keywording
  • Multiple assignment to any objects (e.g. addresses, orders, articles, purchase orders, etc.)


  • Own webshop or connection to other store systems possible

Due to the clear design, which is the same in all modules, MiCLAS. requires only a very short introduction time.

Target groups:

Industry-neutral, e.g.

  • Plant construction, equipment suppliers (shipbuilding and aviation industry)
  • Automotive and supplier industry, services, IT and office systems
  • Electronics and electrical engineering, wholesale, trade
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics, cable and assembly
  • Plastics processing, lighting technology, contract manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering, medical technology, measuring, control and testing technology
  • Trade fair and store fitting, metalworking and processing
  • Furniture and wood industry, prototype construction
  • Textile industry, toolmaking
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Functions (excerpt) of MiCLAS:

Item properties
Order management
Order tracking
Inventory check
Inventory management
Order management
Data export
Real-time reports
Import functions
Stock movement logging
Warehouse documents
Stock withdrawals
Warehouse management
Storage location allocation
Warehouse mirror
Stock strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)
Supplier management
Quality management
Shipping functions
Goods issue
Goods receipt


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English, German
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Win 11
Win 10
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Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
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Flash memory