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Billing software and invoicing software are used by companies to create invoices (billing documents) for deliveries and services. Invoicing software usually involves checking and processing the invoice and immediately posting the transaction to appropriate accounting accounts. The verification of invoices, incoming invoices and other documents can also be supported by workflow functions of the billing software. This is done either via interface or directly in an integrated accounting software. As a rule, the invoicing software should be oriented towards the type and volume of invoices that the company processes. There are cloud solutions as well as on-premises solutions in the area of invoicing. In addition to invoicing software, you will find numerous solutions for quotation and order processing, merchandise management and costing systems.

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merchandise management system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the fashion biz
merchandise management system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the fashion biz IX FUSION PLUS is a complete merchandise management system from the entry and management of master data, order entry, procurement, goods receipt (warehouse, materials management), allocation and invoicing. State-of-the-art database technology enables you to enter data flexibly and without limits. The system is multi-client capable and runs Windows-based. This allows for quick familiarisation and low follow-up costs. It includes integrated standard reports that can be customised on request.
Omnichannel ERP system for the fashion business
Omnichannel ERP system for the fashion business IX FUSION PRO - The Omnichannel ERP System for the Fashion Industry IX FUSION PRO is the first omnichannel ERP system for fashion companies. The innovative ERP solution combines ERP, PLM and SCM processes. The ERP impresses with its wide range of functions, high user-friendliness and intelligent business logic. From mobile web shops to area and returns management systems to warehouse management, the software is equipped with all important features. Advantages global access to data, accelerated processes ...
MLM Software for Network Marketing and Direct Sales
MLM Software for Network Marketing and Direct Sales With onPartner you don't need any other software for your business, because it is the only working level for all users equally. Your company, your sales partners and, if you wish, even your service providers can work within the software by means of appropriate user authorizations. This creates a uniform way of working and better communication. onPartner can completely map all processes relevant to your business and is, above all, 100% fully customizable to your needs!...
Projektron BCS - Web-based project management software
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects Projektron BCS is a web-based project management software, especially useful for simultaneously coordinating a multitude of projects. Working without local installation Projektron BCS works for all project participants independent of their operating system. A sophisticated authorization system is integrated into the software; this provides managers and employees access to their appropriate data, personal reminders, notes, and schedules. Projektron BCS is platform independent, scalable, easy to integrate in any existing system environment, and expandable ...
Digitize your Company
Digitize your Company teamspace is an enterprise software with which modern teams work together efficiently and successfully. Network your team in the cloud and manage your business processes with practicality and foresight. From the sales process to project planning and billing to the management of customer data.
Automated invoice management
Automated invoice management CANDIS ist eine einfache Software für Rechnungsmanagement - schnell von überall einsetzbar und für alle Mitarbeiter ohne Schulung zu nutzen. Importieren Sie Rechnungen per E-Mail oder laden Sie diese mit nur wenigen Klicks hoch. Individuelle Workflows vereinfachen hierbei sogar komplexe, mehrstufige Freigabeprozesse. Sorgen über verpasste Zahlungen oder Mahngebühren gehören endlich der Vergangenheit an.
Efficient and transparent order processing
Efficient and transparent order processing The "order processing" allows a deposit of payment agreements, expense rates, binding periods and discounts, includes an open item list incl. dunning and can, among other things, link orders with the corresponding invoices, contracts or credit notes. For example, automated notifications are sent to other departments when goods are delivered or invoices are issued. Won orders can be automatically transferred to the forecast.
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