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Software for electronic signature or digital signature - current market overview

Current overview of solutions on the subject of digital signature. Digital signature is a form of electronic signature. The electronic signature comes in three different levels: simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature. The digital signature includes an encryption system with a secret key (private key) and a public key, which is provided with a signature key certificate of a certification authority or authority.

The procedure enables the authenticity of the data to be checked and the owner to be clearly assigned. As a rule, internationally established encryption standards such as OpenPGP and S/MIME are taken into account here. Digital signatures are used in many areas. Not only can confidential e-mails to customers be encrypted, but secure electronic signatures can also be created or e-mails can be provided with a digital signature. With a qualified electronic signature (QES), the signature is linked to a certificate, giving it the same status as a handwritten signature.

The digital signature software listed in this section enables, among other things, the automatic legally compliant and warning-proof creation of signatures for electronic documents (e.g. "invoice signature" for electronic invoices in the area of billing) and usually also takes into account the corporate identity guidelines of your company. The use of digital signatures ensures a high level of legal security for eGovernment processes.

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