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In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of social media tools and social media management software. Social media include social networks, wikis, weblogs, but also photo and video platforms. They are also important for e-learning, knowledge management and e-collaboration. Social media is also frequently integrated into learning platforms and knowledge management solutions.

The social media management software listed here includes solutions for e-recruiting, multi-channel publishing, social email marketing, and even employer branding. They take care of scheduling of posts, the publication of posts on multiple networks (crossposting) and profiles, as well as social media monitoring and collaborative work.

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softgarden e-recruiting - Talent Acquisition Suite
Applicant management, +300 job portals and employer branding - from a single source.
Applicant management, +300 job portals and employer branding - from a single source. All-round recruiting solution: Softgarden offers complete functionality. From creating inviting job ads to selecting suitable job portals to jointly selecting suitable candidates. With Softgarden, recruiting is almost as easy as buying a book on Amazon. A smile: Our mission is to make the world of recruiting a little better every day.
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing The multi channel publishing or crossmedia publishing of InterRed opens up entirely new possibilities for publishers, agencies and enterprises and meets the increasing requirements of the media industry.
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