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Current market overview of industry software for refurbishment and reconstruction. The restoration or modernization of a building with the aim of maintaining or increasing its value is referred to as refurbishment. In this context, reconstruction goes beyond mere maintenance. Reconstruction is usually the largely prototypical restoration of architectural monuments.

Software for renovation and reconstruction supports you in the creation of offers, measurements, order confirmations, as well as invoices and reminders. The software covers reconstruction areas such as building waterproofing, masonry reconstruction and facade reconstruction as well as reconstruction cases after water and fire damage. As a rule, the software supports project management, the preparation of quotations, the creation of partial and final invoices and offers APIs.

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Software for maintenance
The IPS system KIPSS for maintenance, planning and control of your systems and equipment is a user-friendly software programme. The modular programme allows the use of selected modules for e.g. maintenance and inspection, damage monitoring and plant control, operational safety regulations or cost control and budgeting. With KIPS, you can manage data securely and document all relevant information quickly and easily. On request, you can receive technical and training support during the introduction of the KIPS IPS system.
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