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Software for the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture - current Market Overview

Gardening and landscaping (GaLaBau) includes all professions and commercial enterprises that deal with the construction, redesign and maintenance of green spaces, parks and landscapes and do not belong to classical agriculture. Cemeteries, roadside green spaces, sports fields and private green spaces (including green roofs) are among the facilities that are worked on by gardeners or landscape gardeners.

The software for landscaping supports you in all typical work processes, such as the creation of bills of quantities with horticultural services, and facilitates the preparation of your quotations by using ready-made calculation modules. An essential component are the digital representations in 2D and 3D CAD.

In this category you will also find software for garden centres, cemetery garden centres and software for gardeners. Programmes for e.g. market gardening businesses, perennial nurseries and tree nurseries include, in addition to sector-specific functions, those for creating quotations, measurements, order confirmations and work instructions. As a rule, the software also offers modules for payroll accounting.

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