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Gardening and landscaping includes all professions and commercial enterprises that deal with the construction, redesign and maintenance of green spaces, parks and landscapes and do not belong to classical agriculture. Cemeteries, roadside green spaces, sports fields and private green spaces (including green roofs) are among the facilities that are worked on by gardeners or landscape gardeners.

The software for landscaping supports you in all typical work processes, such as the creation of bills of quantities with horticultural services, and facilitates the preparation of your quotations by using ready-made calculation modules. An essential component are the digital representations in 2D and 3D CAD.

In this category you will also find software for garden centres, cemetery garden centres and software for gardeners. Programmes for e.g. market gardening businesses, perennial nurseries and tree nurseries include, in addition to sector-specific functions, those for creating quotations, measurements, order confirmations and work instructions. As a rule, the software also offers modules for payroll accounting.

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Horticulture and landscape architecture software

Software for gardening and landscaping is as diverse as gardening or landscaping itself. Landscapers design parks as well as small gardens, create swimming ponds or tend trees, provide green roofs and facades and roadside greenery or maintain gardens, mow lawns, etc. Gardeners also produce vegetables, plants for balconies and gardens, run tree nurseries and sell not only services such as garden design, but also the appropriate plants.

The software for a market gardening business will include different functions and focuses than, for example, software for landscaping businesses with extensive equipment parks or for cemetery nurseries. For example, a market gardening business must take into account cultivation planning, marketing (both direct marketing in its own store and sales to resellers), accounting and cash register as well as, for example, label printing, etc.

A gardening and ladscaping company will focus on digitalization in areas such as the creation of calculations, measurements, offers, management of the equipment and vehicle fleet, digital and, above all, mobile time recording, and so on.

Modules and typical functions

The modules of a horticulture and landscaping software include quotation management, customer relationship management, accounting, time recording, resource planning, machine and equipment management as well as delivery management and interfaces to tender platforms, CAD programs and so on.

Basic features

Each software will usually include as basic functions, for example, a master data management for employees and customers, relevant standard service catalogs, plant and material catalogs, functions for offer, order and invoice creation and dunning. Other features usually depend on the intended use or the orientation of the software to a specific area.

Basic functions

Other typical functions

Areas for digitization

Digitization options are also available through automation on the construction site and at the customer's premises. Various options are available here depending on the size and scope of the project.

An increasingly important aspect is the 3D rendering of gardens, landscapes and environments. 3D rendering can be used very well to offer customers something new and innovative. Providers of landscaping software therefore also rely on 3D and building material modeling functions.

The plant encyclopedia

An important and almost indispensable component of a software solution for gardening and landscaping is a plant lexicon. A plant encyclopedia usually includes data on trees and shrubs, fruit trees, perennials, grasses and ferns. Such a plant encyclopedia contains information on the use of the plants. Plant planning can be easily done with the help of the encyclopedia. As a rule, the encyclopedia can be searched according to various criteria. Botanical characteristics are listed as well as the requirements of the plants for soil conditions, light / shade, suitability and use.

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