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Current market overview - Software for complaint management or reclamation management

In this SoftGuide section, you will find a current market overview of software for complaints management. Complaint management encompasses all the measures that a company takes in the event of complaints or grievances from customers regarding the company's services or products. Complaint management is one of the components of CRM.

The complaint management software listed in this section helps in managing all the actions taken by the company to document a customer complaint or grievance, restore customer satisfaction and re-stabilize the relationship with the complaining customer. The software usually provides workflow control that includes processing of service requests, complaints, feedback and ideas. Reporting systems such as CIRS (Critical Incident Reporting System) or the processing of a complaint using the 8D method or 8D report are usually also supported by the listed software. At this point, there are often overlaps with quality assurance.

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Active complaints and grievance management
Active complaints and grievance management
Improve your services through active complaint and reclamation management and a process-oriented approach. Increase your image and the associated sales potential. The wizard allows systematic recording via forms that are specifically tailored to your company. No complaints or claims are lost due to defined processing rules and escalation levels. The COMPLAINT ASSISTANT is created on the basis of the notation BPMN 2.0.
EcholoN Service Management Suite
Systemic support from EcholoN makes the quality delivered reproducible
Systemic support from EcholoN makes the quality delivered reproducible
Systemic support from EcholoN makes the delivered service quality reproducible. This enables you to deal with complaints and claims in a professional manner, because your processes are standardized. EcholoN supports you with intake, consultations and the resulting services.
Listen to your customer
Register and resolve issues from clients, employees or stakeholders systematically. Route them to knowledgable staff and leverage your experience of solutions in the past. Tag the problem to discover patterns the point you to the root cause.
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