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CaptainCasa Presents Exciting Innovations at the Community Meeting

On June 13, 2024, the XVIII CaptainCasa Community Meeting took place and was a great success. With over 80 participants, the event was well attended and offered numerous new insights and developments. The following points stood out in particular, as they effectively address everyday user issues:

Introduction of Application Dialogs on Multi-Screen

One of the most notable innovations is the ability to conduct application dialogs on multiple screens. This feature is particularly significant for clerks. An example of this is graphical order planning on one screen while order details are displayed on another. This parallel processing and automatic updating of views significantly enhance efficiency and user-friendliness.

Significantly Simplified Failover Management

Another important improvement is the significantly simplified failover management. While normal servlet failover mechanisms already exist, the management of the failover process has been greatly simplified. This ensures that the context is consistently restored upon re-entry, contributing to increased reliability and user-friendliness.

Easy Creation of Typical Data-Based Form Dialogs

The easy creation of typical data-based form dialogs, based on data annotations, was also introduced. The goal of developing complete maintenance dialogs for a master data object in just 3 minutes was impressively demonstrated during the presentation. It is important to note that these dialogs are not a one-way street of generation but can be easily enriched with any additional functions as needed. This innovation significantly simplifies and accelerates the development process.

This year's CaptainCasa Community Meeting once again demonstrated the company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The presented innovations will undoubtedly contribute to further increasing the productivity and efficiency of users. CaptainCasa remains dedicated to continuously improving its products and meeting the growing demands of its customers.

We thank all participants for their attendance and contribution to a successful and inspiring meeting. We look forward to seeing you at future events and continuing to drive the development of the CaptainCasa platform together.

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