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Software for facilities for the disabled - current market overview

Current overview of systems and programs on the subject of facilities for the disabled. The listed software for facilities for the disabled and homes for the disabled supports, among other things, the caregiver management in social institutions.

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The software for facilities for the disabled is usually modular in design and covers administrative and controlling tasks, room planning and duty roster creation as well as housekeeping, laundry and catering aspects (recipes, menus, etc.). The software supports cost unit accounting and usually includes interfaces to financial accounting and payroll accounting. Depending on the area of application, the software includes modules for merchandise management and order management for workshops for the disabled, for example. For the operation of residential facilities, for example, modules for maintaining electronic client files including biographies, transfer functions and transition forms are a basic component.

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TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions
TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions
TIMELINE covers the legal regulation for documentation in social services. TIMELINE is: simple acquisition of data, few mouse clicks, transparency, consistent processing , little expenditure of time , comprehensive data interpretation By using a template generator you may easily adapt the system to your demands. You receive all objectives and actions at a glance.
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