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This market overview shows restaurant software and solutions for the catering industry. The software listed here for the catering industry and for restaurants usually offers support for typical business processes such as online service planning, usually includes a reservation system and different POS systems (touch screen, etc.).

The gastronomy POS systems are usually designed for mobile cashing (radio cashing), equipped with the usual functions for e.g. cancellations, change requests (rebook / move table), head waiter function, aisle sequences and time control (for e.g. automatic switching to the happy hour price level). In most cases, the hospitality software provides interfaces to hotel software, property management system (PMS), dispensing systems and so on. The gastronomy software provides support for costing and merchandise management, and also provides modules for online booking systems and occupancy plans, among other things.

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POS software for retail or gastronomy is perfect for you and your business.
Whether restaurant cash register, waiter cash register, cash registers, gastronomy software, touch screen cash registers or restaurant cash registers. A sophisticated POS software that is nevertheless very easy to use: That is PosBill. With the diverse functions of our POS software and POS systems, you not only optimize your operational structures: you also improve your customer loyalty.
HS/3 Hotelsoftware
HS/3 hotel software - always a perfect fit!
HS/3 hotel software - always a perfect fit! HS/3 hotel software has been one of the leading providers of modern front-office software in the hotel industry for over twenty years. Well over 5,000 hotel businesses use the high efficiency and extensive functionality of HS/3. The unique user interface, high amount of functions and APIs to other software ensure high efficiency in daily work.
HOPE - HOtel and PEnsion Manager, the hotel software
Professional hotel software with web interface as FREE, EASY, STANDARD, PRO version
Professional hotel software with web interface as FREE, EASY, STANDARD, PRO version HOPE hotel software - also as cloud version HOpe HOtel- und PEnsionsmanager is the uncomplicated and professional complete solution for your entire hotel management. The visual centre is the graphic booking plan. From here, reservations, bookings, check-in, check-out, room changes and invoicing take place. Statistics, master data and finances can also be processed quickly and effectively from here. Various interfaces enable smooth communication between HOPE and your financial accounting, the telephone system, your locking system, the restaurant cash register system and of course the online booking / channel manager ...
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