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In this section software for catering and delivery services is shown. These are industry solutions that are typically used in catering companies, delivery services, party services, banquet services, pizza delivery services or in the restaurant industry. An important part of the catering software is, for example, the reservation tool with which you can manage both rooms, tables or equipment. Among other things, the catering software provides support for quotation management, billing and dunning, as well as order processing and customer management. The software usually offers an ordering and merchandise management system and often also options for menu planning and printing menus. Integrated into the software is usually the recording of working hours, personnel planning and the organization of temporary staff.

Gastro software and catering solutions can also be used to manage the rental of tableware, decorations, tablecloths and covers, chairs, tables, tents, etc. for an event.

Software for canteen kitchens and system catering is also listed here. This software usually includes an enterprise resource planning system. The solutions form processes from the article and recipe management to the creation of the menu and production plan including the calculation. In most cases, there are also modules for inventory management, printing checklists with preparation and HACCP instructions for production and portioning. Among other things, the software offers functions for the dynamic calculation of allergens, nutritional values and ingredients, quantity planning based on groups or portion sizes, and enables the management of periods of absence (e.g. vacations from schools and kindergartens).

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F&B management software for all important back of house processes
F&B management software for all important back of house processes Apicbase is a comprehensive F&B management platform for the catering industry. The software offers you full transparency and control of all important back of house processes in your kitchen area. The various modules offer you everything from an extensive recipe database with calculations and allergen labeling, to order management and inventory management, production planning and sales analysis, through to the management of HACCP tasks.
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