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Here you will find a current market overview of industry software for hotels and lodging businesses as well as the rental of vacation properties and for campgrounds. Hotel software usually maps all typical processes such as booking management and category plans, a reservation system and all essential functions for contact and guest management. Property Management Systems (PMS - another commonly used term for hotel software) supports CheckIn and CheckOut (e.g. registration printing) and usually also offers the possibility to create marketing and management reports, to keep a digital guest folder and to print out housekeeper lists, cleaning lists, occupancy schedules, etc.

The property management software usually also includes modules for financial accounting, controlling and credit card accounting and offers corresponding interfaces to cash register systems. The PMS often includes modules or interfaces, for example, to online booking platforms (booking engines), management of wellness areas or telephone systems, electronic locking systems, and pay TV or minibars. Larger hotels or even hotel chains usually also benefit from a channel management and a revenue management system.

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HS/3 Hotelsoftware
HS/3 hotel software - always a perfect fit!
HS/3 hotel software - always a perfect fit! HS/3 hotel software has been one of the leading providers of modern front-office software in the hotel industry for over twenty years. Well over 5,000 hotel businesses use the high efficiency and extensive functionality of HS/3. The unique user interface, high amount of functions and APIs to other software ensure high efficiency in daily work.
Modular Hotel Management Software - PMS, Revenue Management, CRM, POS ...
Modular Hotel Management Software - PMS, Revenue Management, CRM, POS ... Our modular Property Management Software (PMS) offers you a solution tailored to your business. You only pay for modules that you actually need for your hotel. In addition to the PMS with features for front office, reservations, house and accounts receivable management, you have modules for revenue management, an internet booking platform, a POS system, a check-in terminal, a CRM with pre & post-stay contact management, and much more. The beds module offers hostels etc. Features for single bed rental.
Hotline Hotel Software
Easy to learn property management system (PMS)
Easy to learn property management system (PMS) The award-winning hotline hotel software from the software company SoftTec in Sonthofen, Germany, fully adapts to the hotel's usual processes. It does not matter how big the business is or how it has been categorized so far. The hotline hotel programme is already successfully in use in more than 3,500 hotels. SoftTec GmbH offers everything from one source: from online bookability, cloud solution, restaurant cash registers, conference management to wellness management. With the help of interfaces, the hotel software can be expanded as desired.
HOPE - HOtel and PEnsion Manager, the hotel software
Professional hotel software with web interface as FREE, EASY, STANDARD, PRO version
Professional hotel software with web interface as FREE, EASY, STANDARD, PRO version HOPE hotel software - also as cloud version HOpe HOtel- und PEnsionsmanager is the uncomplicated and professional complete solution for your entire hotel management. The visual centre is the graphic booking plan. From here, reservations, bookings, check-in, check-out, room changes and invoicing take place. Statistics, master data and finances can also be processed quickly and effectively from here. Various interfaces enable smooth communication between HOPE and your financial accounting, the telephone system, your locking system, the restaurant cash register system and of course the online booking / channel manager ...
IT solution for room & workstation booking, conference management and digital signage
IT solution for room & workstation booking, conference management and digital signage With Event-IS you can make your conference and event management more efficient. The software is available either in individual modules or as a complete solution and can thus be flexibly adapted to the current requirements of your company. Offer perfect guest service from registration to check-out and optimize all processes related to room and resource booking, conference catering or communication with service providers and suppliers.
POS software for retail or gastronomy is perfect for you and your business.
PosBill POS software and POS systems not only have a snappy design - but also have all your customers under control. Whether hotel restaurant or gourmet restaurant - choose individually the design that best suits your establishment: graphic room and table plans are just as much a part of it as your own waiter layout.
show 1 to 6 (of 6 entries)

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What is a Hotel Software System?

A Hotel Software is a type of Property Management System (PMS) designed specifically for hotels and other lodging properties. It is a software solution that helps hotel managers and staff manage various tasks related to hotel operations, such as reservations, bookings, check-ins, check-outs, room assignments, billing and payments, inventory management, housekeeping, and more.

A small guesthouse or a hotel with only a few rooms usually does not have quite as extensive requirements for hotel software functions as, large hotels or hotel chains.

As a consequence, this means that not every hotel software or property management system (PMS) is suitable for every business. The needs and requirements of lodging companies regarding the management of the business, the scope of guest services and offers for guests, the desired sales opportunities, etc. are often very different.

Therefore, the ONE solution does not exist. What may be perfect as software for one guesthouse may not be sufficient for another hotel. Nevertheless, there are of course basic functions or basic work processes in the hotel that must be mapped in every accommodation business.

Hotelsoftware - Property Management System - Modules

Basic features

Every hotel software will offer functions for entering or creating and managing room and guest master data. The sending of automatic confirmation emails for inquiries or bookings is just as much part of the basic scope of hotel software as a reservation or booking function for the homepage, the online availability calendar, the categorization of bookings, functions for creating schedules, e.g. for housekeeping, and of course billing or invoicing.

All functions and modules should ultimately ensure convenient guest and room management and, where possible, run automatically and create more time for guest care.

Modules for for small hotels

Room Occupancy Plan
Reservations System
Financial accounting
POS interface
Duty roster
Duty roster

Further modules for large hotels and hotel chains

Channel Manager
Marketing Tools
Event Management
Revenue Management System
Loyalty Programm
Wellness Software

Typical functions and modules for hotel software

We have compiled a selection of typical functions and modules of property management systems and hotel software. Partly, these modules are provided with further function lists or short comments.

Front Office

  • Reminder functions for example a wake-up call
  • Occupancy calendar
  • Vacancy schedule
  • Category list
  • Detailed guest and company information
  • Offer manager
  • Voucher function
  • Correspondence manager
  • Check-in / check-out assistant
  • Reservation management
  • Group assistant
  • Registration
  • Guest cards
  • Housekeeping
  • Accounting functions
  • Room Report
  • Daily closing

Reservation System

CRS (Central Reservation System)/ Web Booking Engine / Internet Booking Engine/ Online Booking Engine / GDS (Global Distribution System)

Many names for one process - reservation of rooms or other travel services. Central reservation systems are used for processing reservations. Global Distribution Systems (GDS) databases exclusively manage reservation data. GDSs cannot usually be accessed without the appropriate CRS. Prominent systems include Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre.

The scope of these reservation systems can vary greatly and is again based on the size of the pension or hotel. A central reservation system with online booking functions for the homepage is available for small hotels as well as for hotel chains.

  • Group reservation
  • Reservation with reservation plan / occupancy plan / room plan
  • Automatic reservation confirmation
  • Search function in the reservation plan
  • Different types of accommodation
  • Availability calendar (online)

OTA & Channel Management

Channel management is the distribution of your room offers through various channels such as OTAs (e.g. Expedia), travel agencies, GDS or regional portals, social media channels or even your own homepage. In principle, you can use as many portals as you like, because the workload does not increase by the number, as the software handles the processes automatically. The choice of channel management software or module depends, among other things, on the number of rooms and room categories as well as on the target group and the channels with which the software is to exchange data. Of course, additional channel management software should be able to exchange data with your PMS without any problems.

Revenue Management / Yield Management

Revenue management or yield management as a part of price optimization deals with revenue optimization of services or yield management. Software programs in this area ensure that prices are dynamically adjusted in response to changing capacities and demand. They optimize the pricing process. Revenue management depends on occupancy, capacity, demand, price and revenue per available room (RevPAR).

  • Automated price recommendations
  • Workflows
  • Free pricing
  • Price sensitivity table
  • Pace reports - revenue management
  • Group booking prices
  • Visualization
  • Reporting

Sales & Marketing

  • Sending mail and serial mail
  • Mailings - pre- or post-stay
  • Guest management
  • Newsletter
  • Booking segments
  • Marketing codes
  • Target group marketing
  • Duplicate filtering and editing
  • Consideration of data protection requirements
  • Key figures
  • Statistics


  • Templates for invoice items
  • Post down payments/deposits
  • Invoice export for financial software
  • Create invoices directly with all data from the reservation
  • Invoicing of drinks (minibar etc.) to the room data booking
  • Cash book
  • Value added tax rate freely selectable

Digital guest folder

  • FAQs - guest information
  • Daily cleaning requested - yes/no
  • Room service
  • Additional sales, upselling, souvernirs
  • Online check-in, late check-out
  • Push messages
  • Event information
  • Alarm clock
  • Video-on-demand
  • Social Media, Radio, Internet Access, Games
  • Digital kiosk with newspapers and magazines
  • Booking tool for wellness area, restaurant, etc.
  • Feedback
  • Lost & Found
  • Lending service for charging cable, bicycle, reading glasses, ...
  • PMS interface

Interfaces or connections:

  • Electric locking systems, barriers
  • Building technology
  • Telephone system (CTI)
  • PayTV
  • Gastronomy cash registers (POS)
  • Payment systems
  • Time recording systems

Additional modules or functions

Depending on the size and equipment of the hotel, other software areas may also be considered. This includes e.g:

  • Wellness Software/Spa Software
  • Banquet/meeting/event software
  • Additional CRM, if not already mapped in the hotel software
  • Content management system, if not already mapped in the hotel software

Tips for selecting hotel software

  • Make a list of the features you expect from software and determine which features you really need and which would simply be a nice-to-have. Knockout criteria are important for confident software selection.
  • Check with the programs whether your previous data can be transferred and whether there are all the interfaces you need. This applies to industry-specific interfaces such as OTA, booking portals, reporting systems, etc. as well as office programs, TAPI, CRM, FAS, POS systems, etc.
  • Evaluate the look & feel of the software and test some typical processes such as check-in and check-out, the occupancy overviews and the booking processes.
  • Ask about enhancements or additional functionality for an add-on if your hotel business grows and you want to add to the software's functionality.
  • Pay attention to whether, for example, a dashboard provides you with a clear summary of all important data and key figures.
  • If you are operating a larger hotel, make sure that a channel management system is available. Make sure that channel bookings are updated in real time.
  • Is the software updated regularly? Are updates applied automatically? With web-based software, this is usually the case. Still, if you get hotel software installed on-site at your location, ask what the situation is with regular updates. How often are there updates? Are they included in the license?
  • In every industry, it is important to have an overview of the current status and to compile all important information and key figures into meaningful reports. Therefore, check whether the hotel software can generate clear and understandable reports.
  • Consider whether a digital guest folder or a guest app is an option for your hotel. This promotes guest satisfaction as it provides important information, offers online services and can reduce waiting times at the front desk.
  • Ask whether the software is designed in accordance with the requirements or specifications of the GDPR.
  • Can the software be used to perform legally compliant digital check-in?
  • Can digital excursion planners or digital maps of the region be integrated into the software?
  • Ask whether the hotel software also includes interfaces or functions for building services. For example, can guests use the software to control the air conditioning in their room, shutters, etc.?
  • Does the software offer functions for completely cashless and PCI-compliant billing of business trips?
  • Does the hotel software provide task templates for e.g. documentation of hygiene measures in the hotel?
  • Before making a software decision, conduct a thorough market research of potentially suitable solutions. Our tip: Use our free research service without any obligation. Questions are worked out, large parts of the tender are taken over, potential solutions are presented in a structured way and the communication with the providers is documented!