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Nursing home software is a comprehensive software solution tailored specifically for the management and administration of nursing homes or long-term care facilities. Its primary purpose is to streamline and optimize various aspects of facility operations to ensure efficient and effective resident care. The software encompasses a range of functionalities, including resident information management, medication administration, scheduling, billing, and documentation.

With nursing home software, resident information can be securely stored and easily accessed. This includes personal details, medical history, care plans, and any specific requirements or preferences. The software facilitates efficient medication management by automating medication orders, tracking administration schedules, and generating alerts for missed doses or potential drug interactions. It also assists in managing staff schedules and assignments, ensuring appropriate coverage and optimal resident care. Furthermore, nursing home software simplifies billing processes by automating invoicing, tracking payments, and managing insurance claims. It also aids in generating reports for compliance purposes and provides a centralized platform for documentation, allowing staff to maintain accurate records and easily retrieve information as needed. Overall, nursing home software contributes to enhancing the overall efficiency, safety, and quality of care provided in nursing home settings.

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Ordering meals directly from the patient's room
Ordering meals directly from the patients room NEXUS / FOODCARE enables simple and direct ordering of meals and supplements by patients directly at the bedside or in the room. The software has a modular design and can be adapted extremely variably. The software is multilingual, and menus can also be selected using images. The images can be provided by the kitchen or the supplier, for example. Additional offers such as drinks or snacks can also be recorded.
OC:Planner - Service Planning for Healthcare and Social Services
Staff scheduling, working time management, time recording, access
Staff scheduling, working time management, time recording, access In almost all companies, personnel costs are the largest cost factor. OC:Planner offers you all the functions that professional and economical personnel resource planning needs. At the same time, the application remains clear and easy to use. You create duty rosters automatically. You get functions for vacation and absence planning. Change duty rosters or the evaluation of shift times easily if desired. With OC:Planner you will reach your goal quickly and efficiently in any case ...
TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions
TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions TIMELINE covers the legal regulation for documentation in social services. TIMELINE is: simple acquisition of data, few mouse clicks, transparency, consistent processing , little expenditure of time , comprehensive data interpretation By using a template generator you may easily adapt the system to your demands. You receive all objectives and actions at a glance.
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