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TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions
TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions
TIMELINE covers the legal regulation for documentation in social services. TIMELINE is: simple acquisition of data, few mouse clicks, transparency, consistent processing , little expenditure of time , comprehensive data interpretation By using a template generator you may easily adapt the system to your demands. You receive all objectives and actions at a glance.
OC:Planner - Service Planning for Healthcare and Social Services
Staff scheduling, working time management, time recording, access
In almost all companies, personnel costs are the largest cost factor. OC:Planner offers you all the functions that professional and economical personnel resource planning needs. At the same time, the application remains clear and easy to use. You create duty rosters automatically. You get functions for vacation and absence planning. Change duty rosters or the evaluation of shift times easily if desired. With OC:Planner you will reach your goal quickly and efficiently in any case ...
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