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Software for opticians, optometrists, hearing aid acousticians - current market overview

Current market overview of software for opticians and hearing aid acousticians. Software for hearing aid acousticians offers you features for merchandise management, customer management, invoicing, scheduling and assigning appointments, etc. Catalogs are usually digitally integrated so that you can select new hearing aids directly. In most cases, the software also enables direct billing with the insurance providers. Hearing tests are also required for hearing care and the solutions usually also offer interfaces or engines.

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Software for opticians usually supports you both in the sale of glasses, contact lenses and magnifying vision aids and in customer and order management. Optician software helps, among other things, with the creation of the refraction protocol, the HSA conversion and the plus/minus cylinder conversion, offers options for health insurance management, billing center management and is useful in the creation of statistics (e.g. for frames, lens types, contact lenses, merchandise, magnifying vision aids). Often the optician software is already equipped with a module for health insurance functions.

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Lens Thickness
App for calculating the lens thickness
App for calculating the lens thickness
The lens thickness calculation app gives the expected thickness for different refractive indices so you can choose the best material for each. Designed for opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, etc. The app is free and easy to use.
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