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With the help of web tools you can check your websites and thus optimize your presence in search engines, for example: SEO ("Search Engine Optimizer"). Possible problems can thus be counteracted at an early stage with the help of web controlling or a web analysis of your web server. Web statistics analyze the visits to your website and recognize how many users your website has and which content has been accessed frequently.

In addition to SEO software for search engine optimization, you will find numerous solutions for advertising optimization in the area of online advertising, for webmasters with large and small Internet portals and content-based advertising and content maintenance for Internet and corporate websites. Tools for webmasters include, for example, so-called crawlers (webcrawler, spider, searchbot), which search the web and sort the search results according to certain specifications. Other web tools also include HTML editors.

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Content Crawler
The contentCrawler enables the extraction of structured data on the Internet
Adaptive web crawler or spider system for automated retrieval of web content and fully automated extraction of structured knowledge. mindUp perfectly recognizes web content.
Content-based advertising for websites - semantic and contextual targeting
contentDetection is a web-based tool that enables context-sensitive advertising on web pages. The software service is designed for classification and extraction of important content from web pages. It works by detecting the content of a web page and providing ads and links that are relevant to the reader.
Advertising optimization for webmasters with large internet portals Ad Server Ad Serving
You are a publisher or an agency and have more than one million ad impressions per month on your pages? Then it is worthwhile to substantially improve the advertising placement once again with optiClick. optiClick usually achieves an improvement in revenue of 20%-60%. The optiClick webmaster tool evaluates the targeting and click information and uses it for the intelligent selection of the ad impressions.
Bing Webmaster Tools
Optimize the performance of your website
Google Search Console
das führende Analyse-Tool
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