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Maintenance is generally divided into maintenance, inspection, repair and improvement. Maintenance is divided into preventive and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance serves to avoid or minimize failures (e.g. protective coatings, warning devices), while corrective maintenance involves accepting a failure of an object.

In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of software related to maintenance. Maintenance management solutions are also referred to as maintenance planning and control systems, maintenance software, or maintenance scheduler or CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems). Maintenance software helps you manage or administer the maintenance, inspection, repair, and improvement of machinery, equipment, devices, supplies, and building components. Maintenance planning software (CMMS software) is used for equipment maintenance and helps in legally compliant management of inspection intervals and monitoring of maintenance schedules. The software also supports modern maintenance strategies such as condition-based maintenance, reliability centered maintenance (RCM), risk based inspection (RBI) or total productive maintenance (TPM). It is often used in conjunction with production planning.

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The software for professional fluid management!
The software for professional fluid management! With its convincing variety of functions, user-friendliness and low implementation effort, the modern FLUDIS software system is the suitable solution for ensuring economical, ecological and legally compliant fluid management in your company. From the planning and monitoring of your work orders to the documentation of measured values and consumption quantities as well as inventory management to the implementation of service measures such as maintenance work with mobile data acquisition directly on site, everything is possible.
Maintenance/maintenance management, tool management, inventory recording and other modules
Maintenance/maintenance management, tool management, inventory recording and other modules With the maintenance and servicing module, you have all maintenance and servicing work mapped in one system. Whether it's the maintenance of machines and systems, general equipment or electrical testing - you have an overview of everything. Routes or inspections, planned maintenance or repairs can be easily organized and documented.
Instandhaltungssoftware CMMS
technische Dokumentation und Instandhaltung
CMMS ist eine internet-gestützte Software zur technischen Dokumentation und Instandhaltung von komplexen Anlagen im Bereich Luft- und Raumfahrt und Anlagenbau. Sie ist einsetzbar für die Wartungsplanung und das Wartungsmanagement. Sie können damit periodische Wartungsvorgänge planen und durchführen. Das Programm enthält Optionen für Reparaturen und Modifikationen und die Erstellung von Prozeduren mit Freigabeworkflow. Bestellvorschlägen können anhand der geplanten Wartungsvorgänge generiert werden. Darüber hinaus beinhaltet sie ein Bestell- und Auftragsmanagement ...
ProSeS - Maintenance
Manage maintenance and service intervals for machines, tools, operating equipment
Reduce the organizational effort of maintenance processes with the PDA system component Maintenance. The solution automatically informs you about the due dates for maintenance or servicing for machines, equipment and tools. These dates are summarized in a clear, easily retrievable list and thus provide a good overall view. Processing status, deadlines and personnel requirements for the individual maintenance orders can be quickly overviewed.
Maintenance software for planning, controlling and analyzing your workflows
Maintenance software for planning, controlling and analyzing your workflows We have been a competent partner in the field of maintenance for industry, mountain railroads, food manufacturers and power plants for over 25 years. SAMA was developed practically in cooperation with our customers. The IPS software or the CMMS system helps you to optimize maintenance. It includes plant transparency, proof of due diligence, clear planning, revisions, spare parts availability, fault management ...
DELECO® IMS - Software for maintenance
Maintenance planning and control software
Maintenance planning and control software DELECO® IMS is a maintenance management solution that maps and manages all maintenance and servicing processes for companies in industry, commerce and the municipal economy. It supports you in improving your organisation and the efficiency of the operation and maintenance process. DELECO® IMS is available either as a module of the complete ERP system DELECO® or as a stand-alone solution. Existing interfaces guarantee compatibility with other ERP systems. The multilingual and multicurrency client software ...
Lucanus GISMO Warehouse Logistics
System for the management of consignment warehouses
The solution is a system for managing consigned stocks that are to be kept in optimum quantities for spontaneous, i.e. unplanned, withdrawals (spare parts stocks in maintenance, supermarket stocks, etc.). It is designed for use in intra-logistics. On request, you can receive a free demo version including migration of your sample master data. There are no external training costs, as you receive an introduction by means of a multimedia video library (supported by ZDF Mainz). Application on Windows platform ...
Software for adaptive and strategic maintenance solutions (IPS,mobile system)
Software for adaptive and strategic maintenance solutions (IPS,mobile system) GS-Service maintenance software is a powerful solution that perfectly supports you to manage your assets and equipment, create and track maintenance orders, and save costs.
High-end engineering system for planning, operation and maintenance of I&C-technical plant
AUCOPLAN integrates data and documents from electrical and mechatronic engineering, automation technology and process engineering planning. The solution ensures data consistency by organizing planning in projects. The software supports the generation of complete EMR documentation. Among other things, it includes revision management, the definition of any location structures in detailed planning, and the specification of cables and wiring.
The next generation of maintenance management
XMaintain is the latest generation of maintenance management (IPS, CMMS) and combines an innovative web technology with 25 years of experience in the realization of maintenance projects. XMaintain supports proactive and strategic management of production facilities and includes the necessary modules for planning, controlling and reporting of maintenance activities including document management and materials management with procurement and integrated web service interfaces as well as portable support for mobile devices.
Software for street lighting management
Software for street lighting management luxData is a management information system that has been used successfully in the lighting industry for many years. It covers all requirements in the management of general street lighting and commercial outdoor lighting. The software maps all relevant street lighting data and energy data and simplifies fault recording, maintenance, servicing, DMS, evaluations and reporting. Additional modules and interfaces allow luxDat to be adapted even more specifically to your needs.
Calculation and optimization for control, piping and process engineering
CONVAL is a calculation and optimization program for instrumentation, piping and process engineering. It offers easy operation, extensive functions and high accuracy. CONVAL is the ideal tool for maintenance and planning engineers.
DELECO® ERP - Merchandise management, production, maintenance
Simple ERP complete solution for complex business processes in medium-sized companies
Simple ERP complete solution for complex business processes in medium-sized companies DELECO® is a standard software for controlling all corporate processes and structures. In addition, the solution is industry-independent and can be adapted to special requirements thanks to open interfaces and high integration capability. The modular structure allows a step-by-step and cost-transparent implementation. From merchandise management to production - no process is too complex for DELECO®. Everything is controlled and planned consistently.
IFS Cloud
Central platform providing industry-leading solutions for SM, ERP & EAM
Central platform providing industry-leading solutions for SM, ERP & EAM IFS Cloud is a fully comprehensive business software for nationally and internationally active medium-sized companies. IFS Maintenance is one of the core components of IFS ERP. the functionalities include maintenance planning, linear assets, work orders, preventive maintenance, complex MRO, B2B contracting, fleet management and many more. The maintenance and repair components are part of asset management. IFS Complex MRO supports e.g. customer service by coordinating personnel, material etc..
Software for maintenance
The IPS system KIPSS for maintenance is characterised by a comprehensive range of functions and the targeted use of modules according to your specific needs. Based on over 35 years of experience in maintenance, the programme helps you to maintain the value of your equipment and ensure high plant availability. The user-friendly interface, an explorer-like display of the plant structure, interfaces and multilingualism are just some of the advantages of the maintenance software.
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