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Maintenance software for your economic success


Maintenance software for your economic success
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The DIVA® Ecosystem - AI-supported maintenance software

Our 360° maintenance solution for higher system availability. From fire department maintenance to smart maintenance - benefit from a system-led transformation.

Smart maintenance - smart benefits for your business:

  • The DIVA® Ecosystem ensures greater competitiveness by increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and production output.
  • By using DIVA® DYNAMICS, your repair costs can be reduced by 50% in the first year.
  • The DIVA® Ecosystem enables you to increase productivity by up to 25 % and optimize spare parts inventories by up to 70 %.
  • Spare parts management: With the DIVA® Ecosystem, you can generate enormous cost savings for spare parts compared to the manufacturer's maintenance plan.
  • Thanks to open interfaces to all ERP systems, the DIVA® Ecosystem can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Our solution at a glance:

DIVA® DYNAMICS - Maintenance software and spare parts management

The maintenance expert system for availability-controlled maintenance

The DIVA® DYNAMICS maintenance software has been developed by practitioners for practitioners and is based on more than 40 years of fundamental research. It delivers precise predictions through algorithm-based interval control, is intuitive to use, capable of lifelong learning, has a modular structure, can be interfaced and is available in several languages.

DIVA® DYNAMICS functionalities:

  • Automated creation of all planned maintenance activities
  • Proactive optimization of inspection and maintenance cycles through artificial intelligence
  • Identification and elimination of weak points
  • Audit and legal certainty
  • Maximum user-friendliness

DIVA® GO - mobile maintenance

Maximum flexibility and qualification

The DIVA® GO app reduces administrative effort and digitizes maintenance work in real time. The mobile extension of DIVA® DYMANICS makes all important maintenance information available anytime and anywhere.

DIVA® GO functionalities:

  • Simple order creation and processing
  • Digital material removal and allocation
  • Working time recording and interruption
  • Automated team assignment
  • Capture image, video and audio recordings of faults and orders

DIVA® NOTE - intuitive, digital reporting system

Easy to use, web-based - your ideal partner when it comes to digital fault and error messages for consistently efficient maintenance processes.

Report faults quickly and easily from your PC/laptop or mobile device with DIVA® NOTE. The web-based reporting system can be easily integrated into your intranet and extranet and optimizes all fault reporting processes.

DIVA® NOTE functionalities:

  • Fault messages in real time
  • Stored information on the detector
  • Direct overview of the last fault messages
  • Selection set of predefined damage patterns
  • Automated team assignment

Target groups:

Industry-independent and universally applicable.


Extract of references:

  • Daimler Truck AG
  • Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG
  • Hilcona AG
  • OSRAM GmbH
  • Ottakringer Brauerei GmbH
  • Viskase® Companies, Inc.
  • Plocher Möbelelemente GmbH
  • Römerwall Naturbrunnen- und Getränke GmbH & Co. KG
  • Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG
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Mr. Falk Pagel
Herr Falk Pagel
+49 621 587104-70
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Functions (excerpt) of DIVA®:

1D barcodes
2D barcodes
4-state barcodes
Analysis functions
Work order management
Article barcodes
Task management
Task tracking
Order status tracking
Order data
Order management
Exchange parts management
Automatic recognition (scanner)
Barcode, RFID
Barcode scanner
Barcode scaling
Barcode printing
Barcode recognition
Barcode generation
Barcode size
Barcode height
Process barcodes
Save barcodes
Barcodes series
data aquisition
Document entry
User and time stamp
Composite barcodes
Data coding
Data import
E-Mail dispatch
Input technologies
Spare parts management
Label printing
Export formats
Filter function
Form management
Graphics and logos
GS1 Datamatrix standard
Inspection management
Calibration dates
Competence and control functions
Control Specification
Control plan
Control system
Management evaluations
Measures overview
Action tracking
Mean Time To Repair, MTTR
Quantity recording
Measurement protocols
Mobile data collection
Module size
Assembly processing
MS Excel interface
Check digit calculation
Pulse capture
Repair, cost estimate
Repair order
Service calls
Service requests
Service orders
Service report
Fault management
Parts management
Text fields for plain text
Completeness control
Full text search


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Installation support:
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Manual, Demo version, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
German, French, English
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
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Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
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Win Vista