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FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) refers to a reliability engineering method for vulnerability analysis. First, there is a description of the process or system, then an analysis of potential faults, consequences and causes, and a final evaluation of these faults and consequences. For this purpose, risk priority numbers (RPNs) are usually formed.

After the abolition of RPNs in the creation of FMEAs in the automotive sector according to VDA AIAG, the RMR (risk matrix rank) is becoming increasingly important. Potential product defects are assigned key figures in terms of their probability of occurrence and detection and their significance for the customer. In the context of quality management (QM), the use of FMEA software serves preventive fault avoidance and optimization of technical reliability.

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In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of software on the topic of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). The software supports risk management by analyzing system states (normal operation, critical operation, maintenance), qualitative measure evaluation (cost/benefit factors) and helps evaluate the occurrence, significance and detection of defects as part of quality assurance. The software helps to create RPN rankings and provides options for evaluation.

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Risk management software for DFMEA, PFMEA, Process Flow and Control Plan
Risk management software for DFMEA, PFMEA, Process Flow and Control Plan The FMEA software package CIMOS™ has been developed together with QM and R&D professionals in manufacturing companies. Central point of the netware application is a "box of bricks" system consisting of standardized process step (P-FMEA) or component/function (D-FMEA, FMEA-MSR) modules as integral parts of structure trees. CIMOS™ represents a very user friendly and easy to handle solution - despite its exceptional ability to solve very complex issues.
iqs Quality Center - CAQ-Software
iqs CAQ Solutions – synonymous with quality.
The iqs quality center covers all quality assurance areas, from planning to analysis of key quality data. In addition it links all knowledge from the quality assurance modules in one central database, creating a control loop in which feedback is actively used. The quality center effectively becomes a large pool of knowledge. As a standalone solution each modul is a specialist in its own field. Linked as a complete CAQ system, iqs software offers you the best possible functionality. The iqs modules at a glance: iqs FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis ...
CAQ.Net - Quality Management Software Solutions
FMEA / Risk Management
FMEA / Risk Management The risk management software Risk.Net allows you to create and manage any type of standard-compliant risk analysis such as FMEA or HACCP. It supports root cause analysis with Ishikawa diagrams or the 5-why-method and is compliant with several standards and regulations including ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14971, ISO 13485, GMP, and IFS. Always ensure complete traceability with the integrated knowledge and revision management in the software Risk.Net.
Resource planning, cost planning, time recording, risk management, project reporting
Resource planning, cost planning, time recording, risk management, project reporting KLUSA is a project management for single but also multiple projects at the same time. An application as portfolio management is also possible. In KLUSA, risks, costs, project objects, documents, variants and much more can also be managed. KLUSA comprehensively supports management, project leadership and all other project participants in the risk management of projects. In addition to the standard method of project risk management, the FMEA method (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is also mapped.
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