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Resource planning, cost planning, time recording, risk management, project reporting


Resource planning, cost planning, time recording, risk management, project reporting

Version:  23.1

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KLUSA is a user-friendly project management system for planning, controlling and analyzing projects of various types. The system maps all essential processes from the strategic planning of the project portfolio and the individual control of projects to the final cost management and project time recording.

KLUSA's role-based operating concept ensures that users can quickly and easily get to grips with the software.

Flexible customizing allows the extensive features of the software to be adapted to the individual processes, roles and methods in the customer's environment.

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KLUSA offers extensive functionalities:

KLUSA project planning and project management

  • top-down planning starting with the project idea
  • simple representation of complex hierarchical project structures
  • planning and structuring with sub-projects, milestones, work packages and activities; graphical editing of elements in the gantt chart; calculation of effort and progress for work packages; display of all types of relationships as well as the critical path; clear color display of the status of nodes via indicators as well as values with deviation from the plan
  • display of cross-project dependencies for quick identification of schedule conflicts
  • simple creation of new projects via templates - can be individually created by the customer
  • any number of reference plans with base plan and via change management (plan update and approval after project start)
  • plan copies enable comparisons and analyses of milestones and costs and show deviations from the original plan
  • risk management for recording, evaluating (probability of occurrence, impact, cost risk) and tracking project risks and opportunities as well as corresponding measures; optional calculation of risks according to FMEA procedures (impact analysis)
  • easy-to-use reporting (in different periods) with automatic snapshot of important indicators (deadlines, milestones, costs)
  • calculation of the project's degree of progress with automatic integration of subprojects
  • milestone trend analysis (MTA) and completion value analysis(EVA) for visualization of schedule and cost deviations

KLUSA multi-project and portfolio management

  • thematic breakdown into overview, schedule management, financial management, resource management, risk management, project reporting and approval management
  • dashboard to quickly identify critical variances in schedules, costs, and efforts
  • overview of projects for which decisions are pending, such as project approval or change requests
  • view all project reports for a reporting period
  • graphical and tabular multi-project overviews of all essential data such as project traffic light, dates/phases, progress, risks, etc.
  • cost overviews with planned and actual costs by period, and cost forecast
  • project summary - the most important indicators for all projects at a glance - scope, time, costs and calculation of project efficiency

KLUSA resource management

  • enterprise-wide resource management for planning the deployment of skills and staff with various workload graphs
  • defined workflow for resource request and approval between project manager and resource manager
  • provision of data for portfolio management

    Other features of the KLUSA solution include

    • flexible report generator and designer for individual creation according to customer specifications. Output formats include HTML, PDF and Microsoft® Office Excel and Word, among others
    • collection and evaluation of project plans and ideas
    • integrated time recording and subsequent calculation of actual costs and project progress
    • document management for central administration of project documents

    Flexible integration of KLUSA into the IT environment

    • synchronization with Microsoft® Project plans via bidirectional interface
    • single sign-on via connection to Microsoft® Active Directory, alternatively own user authentication
    • data export to Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • SAP® connector for integrated cost management
    • web services for connection to e.g. a corporate data warehouse or any other system 

    KLUSA is individual

    Despite all the standardization of project management processes, the introduction and characteristics of project management vary greatly from company to company. The respective circumstances, goals and maturity level of the organizations are too different. KLUSA takes this into account, can be adapted accordingly, and can grow with the company.

    • KLUSA is extensively customizable in terms of functions, labels, etc.
    • roles, and thus access rights and visibility, can be created and customized as desired.
    • we take over individual software adaptations on request.

    System requirements

    KLUSA can be installed locally, but is also available as "Software as a Service" (SaaS). As a web application, KLUSA is implemented very quickly and immediately available company-wide. The integration of business partners and customers is also possible by assigning appropriate rights to the participants. KLUSA requires a Microsoft® IIS Web Server and an Oracle® database. On the client systems, only an Internet browser such as Microsoft® Edge, Google Chrome® or Mozilla Firefox® is required.


    Active Directory
    MS Project

    Target groups:

    KLUSA addresses medium-sized and large companies in which many projects have to be coordinated, controlled and reported. KLUSA particularly addresses customers who do not reduce project management to pure scheduling and process planning, but rather pursue a holistic approach (e.g. resource management, cost management, risk management, reporting, controlling, etc).

    This flexible approach makes KLUSA suitable for a wide range of industries and project types:

    • IT services and software
    • research & development (product developments, innovations)
    • organization, quality, logistics
    • marketing

    Thereby KLUSA supports all roles and processes of project management. For example, the following roles can be supported specifically: 

    • management, executive board, strategic staff units
    • project office (PMO)
    • financial controlling
    • project manager
    • line managers, resource managers
    • project staff, project team


    • Bayer AG
    • BMW Group
    • Constellium
    • Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH
    • Infineon Technologies AG
    • Intel Mobile Communications GmbH
    • Jenoptik AG
    • Lantiq Deutschland GmbH
    • SportScheck GmbH
    • SRI Radio Systems GmbH
    • SwissLife Deutschland 
    • TU Dresden
    • VISANA Services AG
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    Herr Gerald Lung
    Director Sales
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    Functions (excerpt) of KLUSA:

    Analysis functions
    Order times
    Processing times
    Controlling functions
    Filter function
    Gantt charts
    Kanban Board
    Cost management
    Management evaluations
    Multi-project controlling
    Project evaluations
    Project budgeting
    Project controlling
    Project data acquisition
    Project costing
    Project cost centers
    Project Management
    Project planning
    Project statistics
    Project times
    Project time recording
    Resource Management
    Risk management
    Status Reporting
    Top-down or bottom-up procedure


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    Technical specifications:

    SaaS, Cloud:
    On-premises (local installation):
    Multi-user (network-compatible):
    Multi-client compatible:
    included in price
    possible for a fee
    First installation (year):
    Manufacturer based in:
    for a fee
    for a fee
    Installation support:
    for a fee
    Manual, Online Help, Demo version, Technical documentation
    Dialogue language(s):
    English, German
    System requirements:
    Compatible operating systems (runs with):
    Win 11
    Win 10
    Win 8
    Win 7
    Win Server
    Mainframe based
    Unix based
    Linux based
    Mac OS
    Mobile OSs (supports):
    Old Compatible Operating Systems:
    Win Vista
    Win XP
    Win 9x/ME
    Win Phone / Mobile
    data storage medium:
    Flash memory
    Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
    Microsoft .NET framework on the server, Oracle database, client requires internet browser