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Instandhaltungssoftware CMMS

technische Dokumentation und Instandhaltung

Version:  1.8

Compatible with

Internet supported CMMS software and technical documentation for aerospace and aircraft. Warehouse management, Procurement, Logistics, handheld scanner connection and visual navigation through the assembly structure (hotspot hyperlinks)

Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Management, Preventive Maintenance
Planning and processing of periodical maintenance tasks, repairs and modifications, preparation of procedures with release-workflow, generation of order recommendations based on planned maintenance tasks.

Procurement Module
Automated reordering based on the shelf life of the parts to assure a minimum- and target stock and for processing planned maintenance tasks. Transferring to procurement and billing.

Stock- and Materials Management
Reservation of parts and tools used for planned maintenance tasks. Grouping of stock movements using pick lists. Inventory and automated reordering for parts with limited shelf life. Support of minimum and target stock. Capturing and processing of stock movements using handheld scanners.

Document Management
Audit proof management of documents. Check documents in and out including release-workflow. Creation of histories for traceability of changes. Visual support by hotspot navigation through the engineering drawings within the assembly structure. User-optimized view of the structure with all information of the currently selected part: engineering drawings, parts lists, procedures and installation guides, images and videos, master data, stock information and assigned maintenance tasks. Editing function to create hotspots to hyperlink the part structures.

Access Control Structures
All functions and views are liable to a user-definable user control. By configuring user groups and security access levels user rights can be assigned individually or group based.

Adaption Service
Our aircraft and aerospace maintenance software can be adapted to your needs to 100% so that you only work with the data and functions you really need. We undertake the project handling, process optimization and migration of your existing data into the system. Trainings, support and project coordination belong to it as a matter of course.

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