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Initial Sample Inspection Report

A master sample is a product that has been manufactured for the first time under series production conditions. Sampling, i.e. the testing of components or complete products for compliance with specified product properties, with initial samples is called initial sample testing. This initial sampling is particularly common in the automotive industry and is governed by regulations.

In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of templates, forms, software, and solutions related to the topic of initial sample inspection reports. The initial sample inspection report for carrying out initial sample inspection in accordance with VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) is an important component of quality management in the automotive industry and plays a significant role in the sampling process for the acceptance of produced parts before the start of series production. The software is used to document results on initial samples prior to the start of series production in accordance with various specifications. The U.S. equivalent of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to the software is called PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

The software supports the processing of the sampling procedure, offers different form combinations and helps to create and manage initial sample inspections and initial sample reports, PPF reports (Production Process and Product Release) and PPAP reports (Production Part Approval Process).

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iqs Quality Center - CAQ-Software
iqs CAQ Solutions – synonymous with quality.
The iqs quality center covers all quality assurance areas, from planning to analysis of key quality data. In addition it links all knowledge from the quality assurance modules in one central database, creating a control loop in which feedback is actively used. The quality center effectively becomes a large pool of knowledge. As a standalone solution each modul is a specialist in its own field. Linked as a complete CAQ system, iqs software offers you the best possible functionality. The iqs modules at a glance: iqs FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis ...
From digital worker guidance, maintenance and production monitoring to emergency managemen
From digital worker guidance, maintenance and production monitoring to emergency managemen MR.KNOW - FACTORY ASSISTANT offers support in production. Among other things, you can add MES components and map the creation and management of initial sample inspection reports.
Syncos MES
Software for CAQ BDE MDE MES
Record your inspection results quickly and reliably and transfer characteristics directly into production inspection plans and other production-relevant inspections. Choose for yourself whether you want to enter measured values manually or save time by direct import via measuring equipment/measuring machine connection.You can exchange your initial sample inspection reports according to VDA or AIG conveniently, quickly and completely paperless with customers and suppliers Microsoft Office compatible (EMPB/ PPAP or individual forms). The coordination of all information is easy thanks to the connection to your communication system (Microsoft Outlook).
The solution for quality and supplier management.
The solution for quality and supplier management. Features are e.g: - VDA and PPAP cover sheet - Inspection areas as checklists - Setup dialog for new samples - ERP parts data overview - Maturity level process according to VDA based on checklists...
CAQ.Net - Quality Management Software Solutions
Initial Sample Inspections
Initial Sample Inspections Plan, execute, maintain, and print initial sample inspection reports with the ISIR software EMP.Net. From sample management and data entry to evaluation and documentation – conduct all sample-related jobs with just one software. Reduce the work involved in the initial sample inspection process to a minimum using the sophisticated auto-functions, CAD-integration, pre-defined reports, and evaluations of the software.
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