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Every company produces a wide variety of waste in varying quantities. This waste must be disposed of correctly. Waste disposal should be as economical and ecological as possible. It should also be efficiently integrated into the company's day-to-day operations. Waste management software can support companies in optimally designing these waste management operational processes. Waste management software usually maps waste recording, the management of waste types and accumulation points, and order management for disposal companies. Often, the software for waste management also includes functions for calculating the CO2 footprint and evaluation functions.

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With e!Sankey you can now create Sankey diagrams even easier and better
With e!Sankey, Sankey diagrams can be implemented easily and conveniently. Sankey diagrams represent material flows, energy or costs with quantity-proportionally wide, colored arrows. The target group of the software are chemical, process or environmental engineers or persons working in the field of quality, logistics, controlling. The functions of e!Sankey allow you to visualize and present quantity flows in the process system in an appealing way.
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