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Calculations are necessary to determine the behavior of solid bodies such as buildings, other constructions and components. Computational simulations are based on the solution of differential equations. For complex, practical tasks, only numerical methods are usually considered. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is such a numerical method.

For the calculation, the bodies are divided into a finite number of elements. This division enables the calculation of the effect of heat, force, flow, etc. on the body. The individual finite elements are defined by nodes and the displacement of these nodes can be calculated by the FEM software.

With the help of the FEM software, strains, deformations, flow phenomena, stresses and much more can be calculated and simulated. The FEM software supports the simulation of crash analyses as well as the calculation of targeted load effects. Components, large structures, etc. can be comprehensively examined for stresses.

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Software for calculating heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms and Uf-values
Software WINISO® for calculating heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms and Uf-values according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017. Imported CAD files can be analysed automatically and failures in the drawing are removed by the sofware. Therefore complex constructions and systems can be calculated within a short time. Due to the integrated FEM calculating engine, results are determined very precisely.
ANSYS Discovery
Modeling. Experiment. Validate. 1 tool - all functions!
Modeling. Experiment. Validate. 1 tool - all functions! Model. Explore. Analyze: Create and modify your design ideas at lightning speed and get instant, direct feedback on what is physically happening in and to the part at the touch of a button. Validate the best design with high accuracy thanks to leading Ansys technology. Ansys Discovery is fast, reliable, quick to learn and fun to use! One tool for everything simulation needs to do in the design process. Try it now for free and without obligation.
SolidWorks 2020
SolidWorks is a 3D design solution that gives you the software tools you need for mechanical design, product data management, design review and simulation, and technical communication. It includes integrated design tools, simulation, cost analysis, rendering, animation, and product data management - including industry-leading parts, assemblies, and drawing capabilities ...
The leading simulation software for development and design.
The leading simulation software for development and design. ANSYS Workbench is the ideal, central tool for your simulations. The software convinces with enormous efficiency in daily use, a uniform user interface, comprehensive meshing technology, direct connection to all common CAD systems and a wide range of physical disciplines. Manual and automatic meshing algorithms, intelligent refinement mechanisms, sophisticated mesh topologies and field-proven mesh patterns make work safe and fast.
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