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WLAN (abbreviation for Wireless Local Area Network) is the wireless communication of local or even more distant (radio links) computers or terminals. Hot spots are public Internet access points, e.g., in train stations, at airports, in libraries, but also in hotels or restaurants, which are becoming increasingly important. Users log on with their devices via a WLAN access point and can thus access the Internet via the hotspot. VPN is recommended for the secure use of such hotspots.

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Bluetooth is also a transmission standard that connects devices over short distances using radio waves. Bluetooth software is needed to provide Bluetooth functionality for PCs or laptops and to ensure support for connected Bluetooth devices (headsets, speakers, etc.). In this current market overview you will find software and tools that support transmission via WLAN or Bluetooth.

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Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more.
Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more. Management and documentation of all hardware and software assets over their entire life cycle. Linked to contracts, costs, allocation to locations, departments and cost centres, it is the basis for IT operations, planning, controlling and purchasing. Enables the inventory of virtual environments such as vCenter and Hyper-V and allows the hardware and software of the data centre to be managed. Since 2019, Asset.Desk also provides an overview of cloud usage and costs. One of the few SAM tools certified by KPMG since 2015. Allows mobile support of the processes of acquisition, goods receipt, inventory, IT operations and disposal. Interfaces based on REST services allow integration into any corporate environment, e.g. with ERP and helpdesk or similar systems. Asset.Desk makes inventory possible with barcode or RFID.
SYNCROTESS - Efficient logistics and transport processes
Software for efficient transport and handling processes
Software for efficient transport and handling processes The innovative SYNCROTESS product enables more efficient logistics and transport processes through the networking of various different systems via WLAN. The application is simple and intuitive and offers a wide range of functions that make everyday work easier. SYNCROTESS is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes that want to optimise their processes and want to save time and money.
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