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an industry-neutral and flexibly configurable warehouse management system

LogoS C/S Enterprise

an industry-neutral and flexibly configurable warehouse management system

Version:  3.0

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LogoS C/S is a standard WMS developed and distributed by us, which has been consistently designed and developed across all industries, in particular due to its tradition as a service provider system. It is used by logistics service providers as well as by manufacturing companies and in trade. Against this background, LogoS C/S is also in operation in smaller installations as well as in very large, highly automated environments.

In a special way LogoS C/S is characterized by its wide open and cross-industry application possibilities. A key feature of the system is also the integrated management of hazardous substances and dangerous goods, including the necessary prohibitions on mixed storage. LogoS C/S is also decisively aligned with upstream and downstream transport processes with transport planning, NVE/SSCC processing, dock and yard management, and integrated forwarding and CEP service provider connections.

Also fully integrated are a forklift guidance and picking system, a performance evaluation and billing system, a continuous documenting and traceability criteria-compliant system for batch, serial number and MHD management, a system for transport equipment and pallet management, a system for controlling pick-by-light equipment, an RFID-based goods receipt and loading system and a graphical MIS system and a system for resource utilization monitoring and resource planning, as well as standardized connections to leading ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, SAGE, Infor, etc.

LogoS offers in particular:

  • consistent industry-neutral conception
  • document-supported as well as radio data transmission-supported process handling with MDA devices
  • manual, partially automated and fully automated warehouse techniques
  • Pick-By-Voice, Move-By-Voice (voice-controlled storage, retrieval, picking and transfer processes)
  • RFID-supported storage and retrieval processes
  • Traceability and recall capability at batch, MHD and NVE/SSCC level in accordance with EU 178/2002 right down to display and assortment production
  • Use via the Internet
  • Shipping processing with loading scanning, bordering and EDI connection to all common transport service providers (Dachser, DHL, Schenker, CargoLine, FORTRAS,
  • DS, etc.)
  • Packing handling with interfaces and labeling for all common CEP services (DHL, UPS, DPD, trans-o-flex, GLS, TNT, FedEx, etc.)
  • Interfaces to all common ERP systems, certified interfaces to SAP

Target groups:

LogoS C/S is suitable for all industries. It was designed and implemented as a warehouse management system for logistics service providers and is therefore very broadly positioned.

Today it is used in particular

  • for logistics service providers
  • in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • in the food and beverage and branded goods industries, as well as in the retail sector
  • manufacturers and retailers of 'white' and 'brown' goods
  • in the electrical and electronics industry as well as in trade
  • in mechanical and plant engineering
  • as in the textile industry and textile trade
  • but also in the merchandising and lifestyle sector


Contact information:
Mr. Georg Möbius
+49 (0) 6203 8402-0
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Functions (excerpt) of LogoS C/S Enterprise:

Barcode, RFID
Barcode scanner
Barcode recognition
Inventory check
Inventory management
Data export
Expiration date, hazardous materials management
Import functions
Stock movement logging
Warehouse documents
Stock withdrawals
Warehouse management
Storage location allocation
Warehouse mirror
Traceability, batch tracking
Serial number management
Goods issue
Goods receipt


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