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CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is the computer-aided numerical control and regulation of machine tools. The term NC or Numerical Control is often used synonymously with CNC. However, CNC is actually the further development of Numerical Control (NC). CNC machines have their own computer, which allows the control program to be edited directly on the machine. Direct Numerical Control (DNC) is the direct numerical control and a further development of CNC, which in turn is based on Numerical Control (NC). Via DNC, several NC systems can be controlled centrally by means of one computer.

NC software is used to create the tool path planning and the machine code (G-code) for the NC machine from 3D models (CAD). CNC software controls CNC machines for machining workpieces (e.g. drilling, turning, milling, deburring, engraving, grinding). Through the software CNC machines are controlled by commands for tool selection and spatial movement. In this context, it is often referred to as engraving software or milling software. This section describes solutions and tools for CNC machine control.

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Softwarelösung zur DNC Datenübertragung (seriell, Ethernet, WLAN) und Archivierung
Softwarelösung zur DNC Datenübertragung (seriell, Ethernet, WLAN) und Archivierung DNC server. NC data can be retrieved at the controller without a terminal and stored on the server or in an SQL database. There is a connection via standard RS232, network or wireless (wireless LAN). It contains options for integrated control protocols (e.g. Heidenhain FE/LSV2, Mazak, Brother, FAPT, AGIE, Charmilles DNC3, UDP, Messer Griesheim, Deckel LSV2 and others), logging of sent and received data and status monitoring ...
CAD/CAM system for programming CNC machines in sheet metal processing
NC-OPT-S and NC-OPT-L are software solutions for sheet metal working. They are designed for automatic or interactive program generation for all machining centers in the 2D and 2 1/2D range. They are especially suitable for punching/nibbling, laser and beam cutting. The solution includes functions for automatic cleanup of CAD geometry, automatic NC creation and process optimization for all common NC machines.
The international software for window construction
SUNGATE is quality software for window construction, applicable for all profile systems (PVC, aluminum or wood) and in any company size. Whether order management, document storage, invoicing or warehouse management - SUNGATE offers comprehensive functions that have been combined for you module by module. The new SUNGATE module for intelligent production control ensures precisely coordinated production steps and optimum machine utilization. If desired, the program can be put together to perfectly fit your operation and your budget.
WinTool Management Software
Data manager tool for programming and workshop
Data manager tool for programming and workshop WinTool is the most successfully used tool management system worldwide with over 10,000 installations and is characterized by technically advanced and periodically maintained interfaces. The solution is preferred by customers because it is easy to use and comprehensive in expansion options. Extension modules for workshop organization, programming and NC file management can be introduced step by step ...
NC programming software for laser , waterjet and plasma cutting
NC programming software for laser , waterjet and plasma cutting The CAM system CAGILA is an innovative NC programming software for 2D beam cutting. Functions developed especially for laser, water jet and plasma cutting save more than 75% time used for data preparation in various areas like the automotive, electronic, and medical industry. A lot of functions optimized for micro and macro cutting reduce efficiently time for NC programming. Optimized and high quality import interfaces for DXF dialects, AutoCAD DWG, IGES, Gerber-RS274, EPS/ PS/ PDF / AI, Trumpf Tops Geo format, HPGL, NC G code format ...
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