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NC programming software for laser , waterjet and plasma cutting

Version:  3

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The CAM system CAGILA is an innovative NC programming software for 2D beam cutting. Functions developed especially for laser, water jet and plasma cutting save more than 75% time used for data preparation in various areas like the automotive, electronic, and medical industry. A lot of functions optimized for micro and macro cutting reduce efficiently time for NC programming

  • Optimized and high quality import interfaces for DXF dialects, AutoCAD DWG, IGES, Gerber-RS274, EPS/ PS/ PDF / AI, Trumpf Tops Geo format, HPGL, NC G code format. Additionally supports CAGILA raster - vector conversion from bitmap files into vector data.
  • Algorithms for spline, ellipse and polyline based drawings as well as True Type Fonts permit an optimized approximation by tangential arcs and lines. Even complex data (>100000 elements) can be handled in a matter of seconds and prepared for NC processing, including repair of faulty CAD data.
  • Optimized processing of critical contour parts and fast machine switching is provided in CAGILA by a machine independent technology model. The flexible NC-processor generates various NC-formats (e.g. Aerotech, Sinumerik, Fanuc, Bosch, Bystronic, PMAC, IBH) for planar and tube cutting. Beside cutting process also hatching, ablation and graving are supported.
  • CAGILA’s real NC interpreter allows the verification of newly created as well as the retranslation of old NC programs. The bidirectional user interface provides an excellent method for code analyzation and time calculation.
  • The high performance nesting module yields outstanding results for automatic placement of arbitrarily shaped workpieces, resulting in a significant reduction of scrap material.
  • The intuitive and customizable user desktop and accompanying tutorial movies reduce the required training to a few hours. For individual manufacturing problems (e.g. medicine, electronic, advertising industry), various automized and adjustable preparation modules are available.
Data exchange
DXF and DWG import
Graphical editing
NC / CNC - connection
Target groups:
  • CAGILA includes special features and functions for mirco and macro processing medical, electronic and automotive industry.
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Herr Dr.-Ing. Alexander Köhler
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