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Software for personnel planning - current market overview

In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of workforce planning software, systems and solutions. Personnel planning software supports HR managers and HR departments in medium-term and long-term personnel planning. In order to achieve its goals, the company must have sufficient numbers of employees available at the right time to meet the relevant requirement profile. Personnel planning is one of the components of personnel development.

The software also supports the various planning steps such as determining personnel requirements, planning recruitment, planning personnel development and deployment, and planning personnel release. The software can be used to create succession plans for every position in the company, identify highly competent employees, and identify and plan for future requirements. Based on projected staffing requirements and attrition rates, the software helps determine hiring needs and develop career plans.

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Projektron BCS - Web-based project management software
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS is a web-based project management software, especially useful for simultaneously coordinating a multitude of projects. Working without local installation Projektron BCS works for all project participants independent of their operating system. A sophisticated authorization system is integrated into the software; this provides managers and employees access to their appropriate data, personal reminders, notes, and schedules. Projektron BCS is platform independent, scalable, easy to integrate in any existing system environment, and expandable ...
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