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Mobile solution for the construction site.


Mobile solution for the construction site.
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It doesn't get any easier with capture on construction sites!

123onsite is the app for mobile time recording. In addition, the app can be used to record all other relevant data on the construction site. In addition to times, you can also record locations and activities, use individual forms, document construction sites with photos, record the material or the use of equipment.

Advantages of The App

  • available for Android and iOS
  • simple & intuitive operation
  • offline use on site also possible
  • minimize errors
  • document services of subcontractors

Time Recording

The times and data recorded on mobile devices are transferred to the software in the site office without loss. Times and services of all employees as well as the material used or the equipment used are available for controlling. Put an end to all the paperwork! With the help of the software, you are able to call up the status of working hours per project and construction site at any time. This information is available in real time and you can confidently plan new projects.

  • Linking the hours worked to the project
  • Easy export of the data to the payroll software or to the tax consultant
  • Stationary recording via RFID
  • Offline mode with later automatic synchronization

Construction Pay

Construction payroll accounting is complex and, above all, laborious to execute with timesheets. With 123onsite, you can say goodbye to timesheets and other manual records and have all relevant data available in your construction payroll software without media discontinuity.

  • Calendar with individual working times
  • Consideration of all construction specifics such as three-month time limit, seasonal KUG or winter absence allowance
  • Daily updated overview of all working time accounts
  • Integrated vacation management
  • Over 40 interfaces to the most common payroll programs

Photo Documentation - Preventing Instead of Rejecting Notices of Defects

Employees can conveniently and easily record the current status on the construction site with their smartphone. Use photo documentation to record daily site safety and all steps in the construction process until completion of the project. The client can be promptly shown the work performed using photos, weather data, comments and the construction diary.

  • Legally compliant construction site documentation
  • Enrich photos with information
  • Fast invoice settlement thanks to construction documentation
  • Record special services, notes, hints
  • Reject notices of defects
  • Record accidents and injuries
  • Automatically use photo documentation for the construction diary

Construction Diary

123onsite provides contractors with powerful and extremely convenient support for creating the construction diary. The data previously recorded with the app automatically flows into the construction diary. The data of the construction site including the project number of the site manager working on the construction site, the industrial employees as well as the subcontractors working there and the materials and construction equipment used are available. Of course, the construction diary also includes details of construction progress, documentation of suspected defects and damage, as well as remarks and comments.

  • All recorded times and activities from your project are automatically transferred
  • Weather data are also stored
  • Material and use of construction machines are transferred to the construction diary
  • Construction diary available and automatically generated without media discontinuity
  • Comply with documentation obligations easily and conveniently


The demands on job site planning are high. With 123onsite, daily construction site planning is significantly simplified.

  • Simple demand and resource planning
  • Clear display of active construction sites
  • Determine the staffing per construction site by drag-and-drop
  • Create and release shift schedules
  • Planned absences clearly and transparently
  • Employees can see on their smartphones when and where they are scheduled to work


With 123onsite, all required data can be captured digitally by means of individually created forms.

  • Clear form center - configure forms independently
  • Easy completion of forms directly on the smartphone
  • Checklists for scaffolding removal and equipment use
  • Site inspections or meetings
  • Handover protocols
  • Data is immediately available to every employee in the office
  • Protocols for carrying out e-checks
  • Protocols for recurring inspections and safety inspections

Target groups:

  • construction company
  • all main trades
  • all secondary trades
  • gardening and landscaping
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Functions (excerpt) of 123onsite:

Absence management
Construction site management
Construction Diary
Image management
Duty rosters
Drag & Drop
Form management
Progress Tracking
Photo documentation
Device management
Calendar functions
Defect management
Material planning
Material management
Mobile time recording
Offline time recording
Project controlling
Project planning
Project time recording
Resource Management
Interfaces to payroll accounting programs
Vacation management

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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
Vendor based in:
Dialogue language(s):
English, German
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):

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