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CMS IntelliCAD - CAD Software - version 6.6 PRO
CMS IntelliCAD 6.6 is a 2&3D CAD software
CMS IntelliCAD 6.6 is a 2&3D CAD software designed to give you unrivaled compatibility with *.dwg file format, and is fully programmable with hundreds of third party solutions. CMS IntelliCAD 6. ... more
CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. Herr Vitor Neves  +1 (501) 588-7970
direct contact
SJ MEPLA - Software for Structural Glass Design - version 3.5      
Calculation of sandwich plates - especially for the glass engineering practice
Videopräsentation von SJ MEPLA - Software for Structural Glass Design Design and statics of sandwich plates (laminated glass panels) under various loads is a standard task in the engineering practice. ... more
SJ Software GmbH Herr Gerd Groten  (0241) 910 535 0
direct contact
PlantEngineer: P&ID software for plant design and construction - version 2014    
P&ID software for engineering and documentation of process plants
Videopräsentation of PlantEngineer: P&ID software for plant design and construction Diashow of PlantEngineer: P&ID software for plant design and construction PlantEngineer is based on Microsoft Visio©. ... more
X-Visual Technologies GmbH Herr Wolfgang Welscher  +49 (30) 6392 6125
direct contact
AQUACHEM - version V8.5
Software for planning, layout & dimensioning of water treatment plants
quick layout and dimensioning of water treatment plants checking of chem. analyses, calculation of carbonate balance corrosion calculation according to DIN / EN Balance of analyse anions/cations softening by sodium ... more
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QMSys Threads, Tools and Gauges - version 5.10    
Software for calculation of threaded products, threading tools and plain gauges
The software QMSys Threads, Tools and Gauges is a professional thread engineering program for calculation of external and internal threads, tolerances and fits for linear sizes, thread and plain gauges, thread cutting and ... more
Qualisyst GmbH Ms. Kristina Golemanova
direct contact
IWOXX ComTrace for Windows - version V.  
RS232/V24 real time analysis of the serial interface for the PC
  The highlights of ComTrace Realtime Recording - Record your data in realtime with microsecond timestamps Multiple start/stop triggers - Decide, whether and when to record. ... more
IWOXX Software Development Herr Dieter Woellner  +49 (0) 81 91 / 97 34 41 3
direct contact
SYSCAD - CAD for metal construction - version 2014      
SYSCAD - CAD system for metal construction
SYSCAD® is an AutoCAD® application, designed for CAD-compatible engineering and consistent designs of sectional drawings and joint details in metal working. ... more
SYSCAD TEAM GmbH Herr Wolfgang Gruber  ++49 (0) 700 00 797 223
direct contact
ImageIron - version 2.4.0    
Software to precisely capture and remove lens aberrations
Software to capture and remove lens aberrations with highest precision (radial and tangential distortion, vignetting). Enables a clear revaluation of photographs taken with cheap lenses. ... more
Alexander Ziegler Softwareentwicklung Herr Dipl.-Ing, Alexander Ziegler  07253-957259
direct contact
NI DIAdem  
Interactive standard software for managing, inspecting, analyzing and reporting test data
NI DIAdem is a single software tool that you can use to quickly locate, load, visualize, analyze, and report measurement data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations. ... more
National Instruments Germany GmbH +49 89 741 313 0
direct contact
Woodpecker Issue Tracker - version 6.2    
webbased Request-, Issue- and Bug-Tracking-Tool
Woodpecker IT is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management. Its main function is recording and tracking issues, within a freely defined workflow. ... more
AVS Alzinger & Vogel Herr Vogel  09472/91120
direct contact
ATHENA - CAD Software for metal construction - version 2010      
CAD software for curtain wall and shopfront design
ATHENA is the leading CAD Software for curtainwall and storefront design. It has been used successfully by curtain wall companies, fabricators and design offices involved in curtain-wall technology for over twenty years. ... more
CAD-PLAN GmbH Frau Diana Györe  +49-69-800-818-86
direct contact
EPLAN Software & Services - version 2.0
EPLAN Electric P8
EPLAN offers electrical CAD and CAE software. The new EPLAN Platform makes seamless information exchange possible between the electrical, fluid, instrumentation & control, and 2D/3D enclosure design engineering products ... more
EPLAN Competence Centre S.E.A. +603 7954 5525
direct contact
show 1 to 12 (of 12 entries)