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DMS Specialized in Contract Management, Invoice Processing & Digital Processes


DMS Specialized in Contract Management, Invoice Processing & Digital Processes
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ShakeSpeare®: Document Management Software with Integrated Workflow Automation

ShakeSpeare® Software is a document management software (DMS) that enables companies worldwide to store documents digitally and in an audit-proof manner and therefore to work paperless.

Through the integrated workflow components, approval processes (e.g. approval of incoming invoices) are digitally mapped and the documents are thus brought to life. Typically, ShakeSpeare® software is first used for contract management and the release and storage of incoming invoices.

However, the software is also used for incoming mail, deadline management, release of purchase orders, requesting cost centers, claims management in legal departments and many other business processes.

In Cloud or On-Premise

The software can be used as a cloud solution or can be used on the customer's servers (on-premise).

Invoice Processing and Release (S-Invoice)

The pre-built module for incoming invoices is called S-Invoice. This collects incoming invoices from various sources (scanned mail, emails, online portals, etc.), digitizes them and distributes them within the organization for approval. There is a content check, approval and then forwarding to the finance or accounting department. Depending on company specifications and legal requirements, customers receive an individual approval process.

A digital archive of invoices (invoice ledger) is stored within ShakeSpeare in an audit-proof manner for potential audit and control purposes.

Contract Management (S-Contract)

The product for contract management is called: S-Contract. The complete management of contracts can be mapped with ShakeSpeare. All contracts are stored centrally, digitally and audit-proof in one central location.

The distribution of roles and rights ensures that confidential data and documents can only be viewed by authorized persons. Different types of contracts such as employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, cooperation agreements and incorporation agreements can be mapped, as well as supply, service, maintenance and rental contracts.

Deadline and reminder management reminds responsible persons of the expiry of contracts so that they can be terminated, reviewed or extended in good time. The software is used for releasing and creating contracts as well as for signing them. The complete contract lifecycle is mapped with ShakeSpeare. (Contract Lifecycle Management)

Order Release / Purchase Release

In addition to invoice approval, purchase orders and order approvals are also mapped digitally in ShakeSpeare. The purchase order approval process is integrated with the invoice approval process so that approved purchase orders are automatically linked to the associated purchase invoices.

Ticketing Systems

Ticketing systems are most frequently used for IT and maintenance messages. However, other applications are also conceivable. We have developed ticketing workflows with our banking customers for "legal ticketing" with bank branches. This involves tracking multiple KPIs and analyzing and categorizing risks to identify risks within organizations.

Quality and Compliance Management

Compliance, risk management and quality management workflows are extremely extensive. Most use cases in QM, RM, compliance and auditing are mapped with specialized solutions on dedicated platforms.

Digital Inbox

Every organization gets mail. The inbox is therefore one of the most important entry workflows. There are many sources of incoming mail. Via the software, documents from the various sources are digitized and routed to the correct employees or departments in a semi-automated manner. Deadlines and legal requirements can be met without any problems.

Workflow Configurator

The graphical BPM workflow configurator is used for the digitization and automation of administrative business processes without the need for programming skills. All company-specific business processes not mentioned under the aforementioned points can be created by the customer. The solution is already successfully in use in medium to large organizations for administrative processes in the areas of legal, compliance, finance, healthcare, quality and risk management, government, banking and insurance.


DATEV online
DATEV XML with document transfer
DATEV xml Schnittstelle
DATEV XML format with document transfer
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft D365 for Operations
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft NAVISION
Microsoft Office
Microsoft SQL Server
SSO Microsoft & Google

Target groups:

Medium-sized companies with 100 - 5,000 employees from the following industries:

  • Hospitals, healthcare, pharmaceutical
  • manufacturing companies
  • IT companies
  • Companies with many subsidiaries (holdings) or locations
  • Public utilities
  • Compliance and audit
  • Finance, controlling & accounting
  • Banks, financial service providers
  • Insurance and Quality Management


Our references include:

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Klinik Höhenried
  • Hexagon Saftey and Infrastructure
  • Sanoptis AG  Augenkliniken
  • Lignopan Holzwerke Pfarrkirchen
  • Johannsen Rechtsanwälte
  • Ebner Stolz Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater
  • Stadtwerke Brühl
  • Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Technology - Slovenia
  • Sparkasse Köln Bonn - Immobilienpartner
  • PKC Group
Contact information:
Mr. Jan Baksa Lesjak
+49 (0)89 45169979
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Functions (excerpt) of ShakeSpeare®:

Filing structures
Ad hoc reports
Change tracking
Analysis functions
Creation and deletion of documents
Occupational safety
Archive access rights
Archiving, paper documents, scanning
Audit management
Task management
Order management
Outgoing mail
Automated correspondence
User and time stamp
Report management
Booking archiving
Opportunity management
Claim management
Compliance management
Controlling functions
File archiving
Database interfaces
Data fields individually customizable per contract type
Data protection management
DATEV interfaces
Document signatures
Document workflow
Document indexing
Document classification
Document stamp
Document templates
E-mail functions
Incoming invoice verification
Probabilities of occurrence
Electronic files
Reminder and escalation functions
Reminder functions
Creation of contract generators
Export functions
Form and document processing
Form management
Approval workflow for drafts
Foreign currencies
Deadline management
Early warning indicators
History creation
Import functions
Index management
Content overview
Table of contents creation
internal errors
internal control systems
Classification systems
Comment function
Control system
Header and footer texts
Credit-side incoming invoices
critical products
critical production materials
customer evaluation
Supplier audits
Supplier evaluation
Logos and signatures
Mail-In/Scan-In function
Client management
Measures management
Multi-user capability
Multiple description
Multiple links
Metadata search
Sample letters, contracts
Sample contracts
Sample templates
PDF Viewer
PDF file
PDF creation
process reference of risks
Ranking of risks
Invoice verification
Travel expenses
Complaint Management
Release creation for contract changes
Risk assessment
Risk recording
Risk categories
Risk control
Risk management
Risk control measures
Risk types
Interfaces to operational data
Self Sorting List
Backup and archiving
Signature management
SLA contract management
Language versions
Master data management
Stacking interfaces (Bufü)
Keyword search
Search strategies
Deadline and time limit monitoring
Text integration
Text module management
Text editing
Text Recognition (OCR)
Text recognition results
Text filter
Text templates, sample texts
Top measures
Top risks
Transfer of index data
Value Added Tax Identification Number
Intra-company dunning
Contract file
Insurance data
Scanning of contracts
Contract approval workflow
Contract type definition
Contract controlling
Contract extensions
Contract content entry
Contract management
Contract partner management
Contract templates
Full text search
Template management
Input tax statement
Probability distributions
Maintenance contracts
Recurring postings
recurring risks
resubmission of risks
Workflow management


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Dialogue language(s):
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Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
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Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
data storage medium:
Flash memory