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All measures to protect employees from work-related safety and health hazards are part of occupational safety or occupational health management. The aim of these measures is to prevent occupational accidents and protect the health of employees. An essential part of this is the risk assessment of working conditions and the resulting preventive measures, which must be documented. Another component of occupational health and safety is the regular instruction and training of employees. Occupational health and safety management is part of corporate health management.

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In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of software, databases and presentations on the subject of occupational health and safety. The occupational health and safety management software and information CD-ROMs listed here help those responsible in the company to implement precautionary measures to protect their own employees from operational safety hazards and health hazards in the workplace. The occupational health and safety management software offers, among other things, help with the management of hazardous substances, can generate operating instructions, helps with the planning and documentation of risk assessments and the testing of work equipment and machinery and supports you in meeting the requirements of the regulations of the employers' liability insurance association (e.g. BGV A1 and BGR A1).

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Quentic (The Leading Software for EHSQ & Sustainability Management)
Quentic (The Leading Health & Safety, Environmental & Sustainability Management Software)
Quentic (The Leading Health & Safety, Environmental & Sustainability Management Software) Quentic is your one-stop software solution for EHS and sustainability. The modular, web-based system fully supports you in your day-to-day routine, as well as with long-term projects. Quentic improves work processes in the company and provides professional guidance with various software modules. Pick and choose to build your customized tool and optimize your management systems by doing so. Quentic is also suitable for your management system according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.
the specialist for electronic instructions
the specialist for electronic instructions KiTrainer, the complete solution for electronic instruction and learning management, perfectly supports companies and organizations in electronic instruction. The software is a management system that organizes, conducts, monitors and documents all instruction in a legally compliant manner. It is suitable for online training and instruction for own employees and external persons and can be linked to an access management system.
Protarmo Arbeitsschutz & BGM
Plattform für Arbeitsschutz, Eingliederung & BGM
Plattform für Arbeitsschutz, Eingliederung & BGM Protarmo bietet als SaaS Lösung alle wesentlichen Funktionen rund um den Arbeitsschutz und das betriebliche Gesundheitsmanagement (BGM). Von der Gefährdungsbeurteilung über Untersuchungskartei bis hin zum Trainingskurs und der Optimierung des betrieblichen Eingliederungsmanagements (BEM) stehen zahlreiche effiziente Features zur Verfügung. Überwachen und steuern Sie die Arbeitssicherheit, gestalten Sie die Gesundheitsförderung und legen Sie eigene Aktionen und Prozesse an.
co_suite - Qualitäts-/ Risikomanagement, CAPA, Beschwerde, Dokumente, Ideen
Safety at work
Safety at work Evaluate and monitor risks and measures to avoid incidences and comply to internal and external safety regulations.
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