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Effortless HR for small businesses

Sage HR

Effortless HR for small businesses
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The flexible cloud solution for agile HR management

Time tracking, absences, performance management and recruiting? With Sage HR, we make HR management easy for small and medium-sized businesses. Even mobile - anytime, anywhere.

Everything you need for successful HR management: Sage HR helps companies move into the future and optimizes employee recruitment, retention, management and engagement. Designed for SMBs, the HR system boosts productivity across the entire workforce and enables companies to connect with their employees in a whole new way. 

Sage HR Basic

  • With the online database, you always have a complete overview of your employees.
  • Manage your staff on the go with communication tools, organizational charts, templates, and a shared vacation calendar.
  • Give your employees easy access to everything they need, including company policies, announcements, absence requests, staff schedules, and more.

Absence management

  • Make it easy for your employees to request absences such as vacation, compensatory time off, or sick leave via the mobile app.
  • Approval of requests works the same way - even on the go and at any time.
  • No more spreadsheets, forms, and emails - with Sage HR, you'll always have an overview of absences and schedules.

Time recording

  • Working hours can be easily recorded online and thus always kept in view - no need to go to the office.
  • Absences are automatically entered in advance.
  • Define different working time guidelines by workplace, department or team.
  • Consolidate approved working times in collective reports for payroll accounting purposes.

Performance Management

  • Share goals and priorities to align team efforts - even without going into the office.
  • Get a comprehensive view of each employee's performance. Feedback from colleagues, supervisors and subordinates is collected transparently throughout the year.
  • Give your employees a voice: Surveys can be answered anonymously and discreetly via the mobile app.


  • Plane und bearbeite ganz einfach Arbeitsschichten für jedes Team
  • Benachrichtige deine Mitarbeiter mit einem Klick – egal auf welchem Endgerät
  • Weise Stellvertreter zu und definiere Regeln, wie zugewiesene Schichten mit Arbeitszeiterfassung und Abwesenheiten interagieren


  • No more paperwork or unnecessary trips to the office: employees can simply photograph their receipts and upload and submit them with the mobile app.
  • Receipts are automatically transformed into expense entries and summarized - and the travel expense claim can be sent with a click of a button.
  • Define permissions and control who has access to what.


  • Recruit, hire and train employees in one software solution.
  • Create job offers and publish them on your individual landing page.
  • Easily visualize your applicant pipeline with drag-and-drop ease to stay on top of things.
  • Schedule job interviews in Sage HR and synchronize them with your Outlook calendar.

Visit Sage HR - cloud solution for agile HR management and learn more. 

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Sage HR is a cloud solution for agile workforce management that makes it easy for SMBs to optimize their workforce management through recruitment, retention and administration.

Contact information:
Frau Nancy Schmieg
Lead Development Manager
0341 - 484403010
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Functions (excerpt) of Sage HR:

Absence management
Requirement profiles
Working time recording
Task management
Foreign travel, foreign currency
User management
Provision of operating resources
Applicant assessment
Applicant file
Applicant data
Applicant profiles
Application management
Application processing
Data fields for advertisements
Duty rosters
Digital applicant file
Document preview
Email and online applications
Employee Self Service
Export functions
Feedback processes
Booking absenteeism
Absenteeism statistics
Generation of job advertisements
Business trips and customer visits
Unsolicited applications
Interview Management
Job Tenders
Calendar and appointment management
Course evaluations
Terms and validity periods
Resume analysis
Performance Appraisals
Wages and salaries
Multiple applications
Employee file
Employee profiles
Employee search
Employee surveys
Employee management
Mobile time recording
Organization chart
Personnel data management
Personnel development
Personnel development planning
personnel communication
personnel master data
Personnel time recording
Planning calendar
Qualification requirements
Qualification profiles
Travel requests, approvals
Travel expenses
Travel expense recording
Remaining vacation
Shift staffing
Interface to social media
Statistical functions
Job requisition
Publish job advertisement
Create job postings
Manage job postings
Job descriptions
Job planning
Support of the selection process
Calculation of vacation entitlement
Vacation management
Vacation overviews
Processing the applicant pool
Agent rules
Workflow management
Time data, time series, calendar
Target Agreements
Target agreements, employee appraisals
access controls


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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
On-premises (local installation):
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
included in price
First installation (year):
Manufacturer based in:
on request
included in price
Installation support:
included in price
Online Help, Demo version, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
English, German
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Win 9x/ME

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