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Software for Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning - current Market Overview

Software for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning (SHK) or software for ventilation construction provides support for all common operating procedures such as measurement recording. As a rule, it offers site-related hourly billing for fitters and interfaces for DATANORM, ELDANORM, GAEB, ZVEH, etc. Furthermore, customer service-related programme parts such as maintenance management with scheduler, route optimisation and system information (boiler, burner, pump, etc.) are usually also part of the programmes for the SHK sector.

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SpriCAD + WinSprink: Hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems
Design and hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems
WinSprink and SpriCAD - sprinkler software for hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems and water spray extinguishing systems. For each pipe section, the program outputs various data after the calculation: Pressure at the beginning of the pipe section, pressure loss due to friction, the flow velocity in the pipe section, the discharge rate at the sprinkler and much more.
WSCAD ELECTRIX - the E-CAD software
Planning and documentation with the E-CAD software WSCAD ELECTRIX
Planning and documentation with the E-CAD software WSCAD ELECTRIX
The modular and scalable WSCAD Suite offers a complete set of tools for planning and maintenance tasks in electrical and automation engineering. It includes features for the planning of electrical engineering systems and apparatus, for design and production planning, assembly, plant and inventory planning. Due to the easy handling you are fast, even if you work with WSCAD only sporadically.
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