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Software for optimising cargo capacity - now available in ten languages

Version:  2.2.6

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NEW! advanced packaging reports with up to six pages; exploded view of packaging arrangement; display of product- and shipping labels!

Create packaging arrangements for your shipping department or for your customers. Reduce transportation and packaging costs.

palOPTI® helps you to calculate an optimum packaging size to maximize homogeneous capacity utilization on predefined volume. Vary packages of self-defined size, weight and shape (rectangular or round bases – with predefined measurements) in free to be defined types of containers (e.g. pallet, freight container, trailer or truck).

palOPTI® shows you the optimized loading pattern, the utilized loading area and loading space. Due to the capability of the program to lift up either selected layers or to stretch the entire arrangement (exploded view), the packaging pattern of hidden layers will be made visible. Specific restrictions and material allowances are considered individually. The *sensitivity analysis calculates in parameters up to +/- 10mm of the preselected packaging size. The result reflects the effect of quantity of packages compared to its size as well as the capacity utilization of the specified container type.

Benefits of palOPTI®:

  • Optimize capacity of pallets, cardboard boxes, freight containers and free to be defined loading spaces.
  • Reduce transportation and packaging costs.
  • Place more products within a truck or container.
  • Save your individually optimized load pattern for further use.
  • Well-arranged and clearly structured user interface.
  • Easy handling with quick to learn program functions.
  • Create straightforward and well-designed packaging reports with up to six pages of valuable information
  • Place up to four labels on each face of a primary package, packaging unit and container type (crate, carton or pallet)
  • Configure these packaging reports with text, graphics and company logo by your needs.
  • One- or two-step analysis on demand

The two-step analysis offers the advantage to create packaging patterns within previously optimized covering boxes. Diversify the array of single packagings and optimize the total packaging volume by choosing further settings.

Optional Modules:

  • Module „International“
    • The following  10 languages are included: German, English, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Romanian and Czech.
  • Module „Manual Arrangement“
    • By using the manual arrangement you may add, insert, turn, tilt or erase cases as needed. You may do this individually or by stack.
  • Module „ Cargo Securing“
    • Add edge protection, strapping, pallets, intermediate layers or boards into your packing arrangement to show your safety features.
  • Module „Network License“
    • Use palOPTI in your whole company network with lower maintenance effort and fast update ability.
  • Module „Virtual Machine“
    • Use palOPTI in a virtual environment.
Data export
Exploded view
Import functions
Load space optimization
Warehouse documents
Packing list
Target groups:
  • Packagin industry
  • Pharma / Cosmetic
  • Wholesale / Retail
  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Automobil
  • Import / Export
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