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AiVPack - Packaging development

AiVpack is an plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® to create packaging, dispays and folding...
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AiVpack is an innovative plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® CS6/CC which enables the user to create packaging, displays and folding boxes in a quick, simple and well-arranged way and opens new possibilities to the user. 

You can choose from more than 140 – optional up to 700 - industry-approved parameterized ECMA and FEFCO standards for solid fiber and corrugated board which can then be customized to your needs. Simplify your selection by a 3D-wireframe-view.

The main benefit is the saving of time when constructing and customizing with AiVpack compared to manually constructing just with Adobe® Illustrator®. With just a few clicks by entering the dimensions and the thickness of the material, your packaging is already constructed. All corresponding dimensions are automatically adjusted according to your input. This allows you to create complex packaging and displays without having any prior knowledge of packaging design or the need of a professional packaging designer.

The individual line configuration in this software is variable which assures that the created data can be further processed in the company’s internal workflow, e.g. ProCut.

Our plug-in integrates smoothly into Adobe® Illustrator® graphic interface so you don´t have to adapt to another appearance and is available in German and English language.

AiVpack enables your company many possibilities to ease up your workflow and to achieve high quality results in a cost efficient way.

Your cost-efficient entry into packaging development:

  • One-time licensing fees for unlimited use. 
  • Optional upgrade from 140 up to 700 packaging standards .
  • Available for Windows® and Macintosh® from CS6/CC and higher.

optional 3D-Funktionality!

  • Presentation of the template as an animated 3D-model
  • Import of selected layers from Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Create print images with Adobe® Illustrator® tools, visualize and verify in 3D view
  • Dynamic folding of the sample, together with print image
  • Animated 3D-PDF Export
  • Basic and Extended Version can be upgraded with 3D-functionality at any time
2D representation
2D/3D views
3D representation
Analysis and evaluation
Alignment function
Data exchange
DXF and DWG import
Graphical editing
from 595.00 EUR (500.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client
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