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co_suite - Qualitäts-/ Risikomanagement, CAPA, Beschwerde, Dokumente, Ideen

The auditable, complete and modular Quality, Compliance and Riskmanagement application

Version:  6.8

Compatible with


The co_suite application consists of building blocks supporting IT-based workflows of organisations of any size efficiently. X-modular reporting and analysis enables the user to catch signals, detect and discover patterns, issues or deficiencies in a holisitc view.

Important Elements:

  • Content life cycles with approval woirkflow, seggregation of duties and automated reminder service
  • Fast and comprehensible capture and upload of any format incl. Office, video, CAD, ...
  • Notification, tracking and escalation
  • Organisational master data, geographical data and with automated update service
  • Tagging, reporting and keyword catalogue
  • Full text search, semantic search, AI to auto-generate proposal lists for content to tag, register keywords, product or client associations/relations

    Weitere Funktionen:

    • Auditable
    • GMP, HACCP, ISO-, ... norm compliant
    • Any language version incl. translation of content
    • Master data and configuration flexibly customisable to cover a portfolio of requirements
    • Office-interface
    • HR-interface (SAP, Active Directory)
    • Single Sign On, n-factor Authentication
    • Latest .netcore web technology
    • Top level IT-Security - hard to hack! (encryption, audit trail, authentication, role concept, ...)
    • Cloud-ready and performance- and cost-optimised incl. SaaS offer
    • Streaming for videos
    • Mobile version: andoid, IOS
    • Legally evident through authorisation by controlled approval workflow with authentication and audit trail
    • Digital signature integrated
    • High degree of automation using templates, bookmarks to fill meta data, automated reminder service for all tasks
    • Runs on LINUX, Windows, SQL Server, MySQL

    We tailor the co_suite to map your business processes and organisationsal structures. The business logic is captured in stadardised, proven building bricks ready to use 

    Modules of the co_suite

    co_audits Plan and perform your audits efficiently:  from risk assessment to planning stage until execution and reporting and task tracking.
    co_complaints Manage complaints of clients, stakeholders or employees effectively and transparently.
    co_documents Adminsiter your content, SOPs and contracts digitally, process-oriented and norm compliant!
    co_ideas Stimulate creativity, employee binding and motivation and company value by a motivating improvement proposal platform incl. evalutation and implementation project. KPIs to monitor costs, reductions and timelines.
    co_issues Steer, track and monitor tasks, actions and initiatives of your organisation! Support the CAPA / FMEA processes.
    co_knowledge Structure and design your knwoledge management and E-Learning per Cloud effectively and preserve training reults long term.
    co_projects Drive your project portfolio across plants, locations, borders forward keeping progress and costs unter control.  
    co_safety Safety at work: assessing risks, controling measures, protecting employees.
    co_reporting Statistics, analysis, reports and tools. – X-module.
    co_administration Parametrisation, customising, master daten, configuration of rolles and rights, seggregation of duties, languages, defining security classes of content.


    A view examples to demonstrate, how the building bricks form a solution.

    • Contracts: authorisation workflow, signing digitally, administration, reminder and distribution. Pre defined authorised templates automatically populated.
    • CAPA: Master, manage and monitor your processes and take corrective and preventative action timely.
    • Analysen: Transparent and auditable capture of test results, measurements and control evidence
    • Training: Active knowledge management incl. Media-, event management and success monitor

    Holistic Quality Management

    C.O.S. is your experienced, strong, norm compliant and reliable partnerimplementing and maintaining a stable but flexible quality management system. Professional advice from our experts will save you cost, effort and fails and provide insight and transparency. Modern web technology also Cloud-base or on mobile devices make your centralised QMS efficent, consitent and avialble anywhere and anytime.

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    Anbindung Active Directory via SAML Single Sign On (SSO)
    Microsoft Active Directory
    Department-specific masks and processes
    Requirements management
    UI customization
    Application management
    Work area management
    Occupational safety
    Working materials management
    Audit management
    Task generation
    Task management
    Task tracking
    Termination of contracts
    Order and project times
    Basic copy templates
    Construction scheduling
    Inspection reports
    Review process
    Notification system
    User and rights management
    User and time stamp
    Authorization management
    Operating instructions
    Evaluation of risks
    Assessment tools
    Assessment forms
    Blue folder
    Fire protection documentation
    Change management
    Chat and tickets
    Checklist creation
    Claim management
    Cockpit functions
    Collaboration and project groups
    Controlling functions
    Corporate design
    CRM customer data reconciliation
    Representation of process paths
    Database interfaces
    Data export
    Data maintenance
    Data protection
    Desktop sharing
    Documentation of QM
    Documentation and evidence management
    Document workflow
    Document classification
    Document control
    Duplicate functions
    E-mail notification
    E-mail functions
    E-mail integration
    Incoming channels
    Single and shell contracts
    Emission monitoring
    Recording reasons
    Reminder and escalation functions
    Escalation management
    Escalation mechanisms
    Export functions
    External parties
    Error description
    Missing parts and dangerous goods
    FMEA worksheets
    FMEA Forms
    Form and document processing
    Training management
    Gantt charts
    Risk assessment
    Hazard catalog
    Hazardous substance operating rejections
    Hazardous substance storage
    Hazardous materials management
    Hazardous substances register
    Yellow folder
    Device testing
    legal requirements and standards
    History creation
    Idea input
    Idea management process
    Idea prioritization
    Import functions
    Incentive and reward system
    Industry standards
    Information extraction
    Internal interfaces
    Innovation processes
    Inspection management
    Internal audit functions
    internal control systems
    ISO 27001
    ISO standard management
    Calendar and appointment management
    Calibration dates
    Campaign management
    Capacity planning
    Key figures and key figure systems
    Key figure reports
    Coding and tagging wizard
    Competence and control functions
    Control plan
    Control system
    Corrective and preventive actions
    Corrective actions
    Customer and item data
    Customer ideas
    Customer portal
    Customer complaint
    Service specifications
    Lexicons, glossaries, dictionaries
    Supplier audits
    Supplier evaluation
    Supplier questionnaires
    Supplier qualification
    Defect management
    Multi-client capability
    Multi-client capability
    Client management
    machine inspections
    Mass import client
    Measures export and import
    Measures management
    Measures status query
    Measure tracking
    Measures overview
    Action tracking
    Multi-user capability
    Measuring equipment
    Measurement protocols
    Metadata and tagging
    Migration and backup wizard
    Multi-project controlling
    Sample assessments
    Sample letters, contracts
    Sample contracts
    Sample management
    Network plan
    Network functions
    norms and standards
    Standards, catalogs and pipe classes
    Standards compliance
    Online help
    Integrate organizational structure
    Parameterizable inspection characteristics
    Inbox processing
    Award process
    Sample management
    Project evaluations
    Project budgeting
    Project controlling
    Project data acquisition
    Project invoicing
    Project costing
    Project cost centers
    Project Management
    Project planning
    Project statistics
    Project templates
    Project time recording
    Process and form design
    Process documentation
    Process management
    Inspection order management
    Inspection reports
    Test result display
    Test results
    Gauge management
    Inspection equipment monitoring
    Inspection plans
    Inspection plan versioning
    Quality assurance
    RAB 31 recommendations
    RAB 31 Minimum requirements
    Rights and role management
    Legal register
    Complaint Management
    Release creation for contract changes
    Reporting functions
    Review management
    Audit-proof archiving
    Revision management
    Risk and compliance management
    Risk assessment
    Risk control
    Risk map
    Risk management
    Semantic search
    Serial mail and serial letter
    Safety data sheets
    Security functions
    Single Sign On / API
    SLA contract management
    Social sharing function
    Master data management
    Statistical functions
    Status displays
    Status overviews
    Search filter
    Support project management
    Tagging function
    Deadline and time limit monitoring
    Deadline overview
    Test questions
    Ticket Distribution
    Translation functions
    Company structure display
    Instruction management
    Upload function
    Dispatch of tasks
    Insurance data
    Versioning of processes
    Scanning of contracts
    Contract approval workflow
    Contract type definition
    Contract extensions
    Contract content entry
    Contract management
    Contract partner management
    Contract templates
    Agent rules
    Full text search
    Process management
    Procedure Models Project Management
    Maintenance contracts
    Wildcard search
    Effectiveness check
    Knowledge databases
    Knowledge documents
    Knowledge management
    Knowledge platform
    Workflow management
    Central documentation
    Target groups:

    Risk-, Compliance and Quality management, Work Safety for the sectors:

    • Utillities
    • Pharma
    • Chemical
    • Medicine
    • Financial services
    • Insurance
    • Automotive
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Construction
    • Metals
    • Consumer goods
    • Professional services
    • Software
    • Public
    • Educational
    from 6.89 EUR (5.99 EUR plus 15% VAT) per client
    Contact information:
    Herr Christoph Müller
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