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Backlog-free scheduling/capacity planning: intuitive, what-if, bottleneck planning, etc.
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In order to be successful in a turbulent environment, you need to have an overview of all value creation processes at all times and be able to synchronize them. You should be able to easily simulate different scenarios and then implement them. This is still a central problem of today's ERP/PPS systems, as they still schedule orders backwards with infinite capacity.


4APS helps you to better organize, more precisely plan and control all value-added processes. Modularly expandable, from a stand-alone planning board to full ERP/PPS/MES integration, 4APS handles multi-resource planning of single orders and complex order networks in the sense of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS). The solution is scalable from small, medium to large data volumes. In addition, thanks to the latest Java technology, it is platform-independent and the user interface can be customized.

Unique selling points

  • 4APS is completely developed in Java and thus independent of hardware, operating system and database.
  • 4APS is intuitive to use and sees itself as an interactive decision tool for the human planner.
  • 4APS maps the entire dynamics of value creation in real time and shows where the causal problems lie.
  • 4APS contains innovative planning algorithms such as 3-zone planning, bottleneck scheduling or liquidity-based detailed planning.

Customer benefits

Impact on logistical targets in production

  • productivity through real-time optimization: +10% to +40%.
  • lead times: -10% to -30
  • utilization: +10% to +30
  • set-up costs: automatic set-up optimization -10% to -50
  • availability of order-related parts for assembly: +20% to +50%.

Other effects in the company

  • transparency/real-time: responsiveness, ability to provide information, flexibility
  • planning/control effort: no more printed or Excel AVT lists, employees can
  • employees can view AVT lists online from anywhere, waiting time
  • better capacity utilization
  • better ability to provide information
  • higher planning quality
  • higher reliability
  • higher productivity
  • higher adherence to delivery dates
  • higher transparency
  • higher flexibility
  • lower costs
  • lower inventories
  • lower lead times
  • less fire actions


  • New/ rescheduling of single orders and order networks via drag and drop.
  • Event-based real-time updating, target/actual comparison with traffic lights.
  • Comparison of plan variants using what-if scenarios
  • Constraints: Machine availability, tools, utilities, personnel with special qualifications, performance limitations, etc.
  • Resources: machines, manual work stations, qualifications of employees, tools, consumption, etc.
  • Deadline dependencies of material and pre-products can be considered on several levels.
  • Innovative planning algorithms such as 3-zone planning, bottleneck scheduling or liquidity-based detailed scheduling.

Software licenses

  • Full planning license: may plan and reschedule
  • Master area license: may only plan in one master area
  • Viewer license: may only view, not change anything

Configuration features

  • Automatic planning service: scheduling of all orders every x minutes
  • Multi-resource scheduling: simultaneous scheduling of different resources like machines, people, tools or similar based on their capabilities
  • Setup optimization: automatic lot formation by setup indicators in the time window

Scope of delivery/service

  • Interfaces to existing ERP/PPS/WWS system
  • Creation of configuration specifications and consulting
  • Commissioning of test/live system with system training
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft NAVISION
SAP Business One
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Job nesting
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Graphical planning board
Capacity planning
Personnel resource planning (PRP)
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Resource Management
Scenario comparison
What-if scenarios
Target groups:

Areas of application:

  • Starting from approx. 8 machines or resources to be scheduled, 4APS results in sustainable benefits as well as added value for planners, operations and customers.
  • Ideal for manufacturing and/or assembly companies with single- or multi-stage products, which manufacture order- and/or inventory-oriented.
  • Specialized in industries such as mechanical engineering, sheet metal/plastics processing, contract manufacturing, apparatus/plant engineering, electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, energy or army.
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Herr Benjamin Löffler
Senior Sales Engineer, Prokurist
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