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Software for Retail and Retailers - current Market Overview

Current market overview of industry software, solutions and software for the retail trade, retail software. The software listed here usually includes cash register systems with merchandise management (GoBD/GDPdU compliant). Merchandise management solutions for the retail trade are divided into purchasing system, sales system, goods receipt system, warehouse management system and goods issue system.

Merchandise management systems are mostly ERP systems that take into account past deliveries of goods, record current stock levels and process required goods for orders. Retail software enables the creation of cash register closings and reports. Retail software includes the printing of racer and bum lists, creating sales statistics, enabling branch management and usually interfaces to e.g. Datev and FIBU.

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ERP system: Bison Process Retail (x-trade)
Merchandise Management in Retail
Merchandise Management in Retail
Merchandise management can be so simple - with Bison Process Retail (x-trade) With Bison Process Retail (x-trade), merchandise management can be so uncomplicated for retailers. As a complete solution, this software offers numerous advantages that can be applied at all levels of retail. From wholesale to retail with or without stores, you benefit from the various modules that can be optionally added as supplements for the basic version. Ultimately, your entire retail chain can be mapped and processed centrally ...
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