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For every company, annual balance sheets and the accompanying financial reporting are indispensable. However, these processes are among those recurring tasks that nevertheless entail a high workload. And that's not all: The review of financial reporting and a related consulting option are also characterized by a high level of effort. Here, TAX ASSISTANT (MR.KNOW) offers helpful support for auditing companies or law firms. This is because this application acts as a digital assistant that provides support for tax-related issues as well as creating new opportunities to put the necessary auditing on a digital footing. 

When using the TAX ASSISTANT MR. KNOW in particular from the fact that IFRS regulations are always complied with. Beyond that, however, it is above all aspects associated with the reduction of workload and the saving of resources that speak in favor of this application. After all, there are always many other tasks for employees in the auditing sector that also have to be completed in the busy working day. So why not turn to a digital aid that doesn't waste valuable working time and frees up additional capacity. 

Your advantages when using TAX ASSISTANT MR. KNOW: 

  • supports digital working methods and business ideas
  • can be used as early as the initial consultation stage, as well as for standard audit procedures and internal controls
  • can be used from supported individual case processing to IT-supported audits
  • simple transfer of legal texts into the respective processes and/or digital assistants
  • new content can be incorporated via the classic form template
  • adaptive tool for continuous enhancement and increase of individual decision quality
  • External data sources can be easily connected
  • enables, among other things, the integration of business analytics, big data or AI
  • supports data-, system- and process-oriented auditing
  • creates extensive evaluations, also with regard to missing documents and more
  • automatically displays time-critical deadlines
  • based on existing data, guidance through the complex set of rules is made easy
  • every deviation is automatically displayed
  • correct procedures are observed
  • reduces the susceptibility to errors
  • Significantly reduces time and costs
  • increased compliance quality
  • faster response time to changes in regulatory requirements
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Target groups:

Auditors, law firms

from 11.90 EUR (10.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly - USE - User account
from 0.18 EUR (0.15 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly - USE - per operation
from 29631.00 EUR (24900.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) once - PURCHASE - smart process
from 208250.00 EUR (175000.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) once - PURCHASE - premium
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