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Almost every company, including start-ups, needs software to map its business processes. The most important programs that start-up companies initially need include CRM systems, collaboration, task management or project management as well as time recording and accounting software. In most cases, of course, a young company also uses other software such as office programs, programs for image editing, scheduling or tools for website creation and possibly also online store software. Start-up companies usually rely primarily on tools that structure work and simplify collaboration in the dynamic environment of the business start-up.

Selected software areas for start-up companies

Invoicing, Billing

Market overview with current software solutions for professional invoice writing and invoicing (SaaS and on-premises) of deliveries and services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Current market overview of software for customer relationship management and the documentation and management of all customer or supplier relationships.

Financial Accounting

Accounting software supports accounts receivable and accounts payable, asset accounting as well as payroll and financial accounting. Determine operational successes and ensure internal control.

Project Management

Let current software support you in operational project management from idea generation to project tracking, network planning and project controlling.

Workflow Management Systems

Workflow and workflow management systems support, among other things, the automation of business processes, help to create process maps and descriptions.

Time recording, working time recording

Solutions that are presented here map both mobile time recording and recording via terminals and desktops, etc.

For every start-up, it is essential to be present on the various social media platforms and to regularly supply these platforms with appropriate content. Especially the dynamics in the environment of the start-up company, the right timing and the appropriate placement of the idea are particularly important. For social media marketing, a wide variety of tools are usually available to help manage accounts and support multi-channel posting. If your startup develops apps or software then you may also use a software engineering solution, a low code platform or programming tools.

Articles for start-up companies

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However, young companies are not only dependent on functioning customer relationships, successful marketing on a wide variety of channels and the successful implementation of their business idea. They also have to meet the legal requirements that are placed on companies today, data protection under the keyword " GDPR", the "Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access" are two examples of this. IT security should ultimately also be an important aspect for every start-up, because who wants to risk having their innovative business idea attacked by third parties?