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COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution/Shop Floor System


COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution/Shop Floor System

Version:  3.2_MES

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COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution System for roll production and converting. The industry solution for manufacturing execution system (MES) and production data acquisition (PDA) for manufacturers, converters and finishers of films (foil), paper, cardboard, textile (textiles), nonwovens, composites, packaging, plastics industry, process industry and all web-, roll- and format-shaped products.

Industry 4.0 can be experienced with the industry solution COAGO MES from GRASS. This is because the system integrates the ERP worlds with the production and machine levels.

COAGO MES plans, controls and monitors the manufacturing processes as well as all manufacturing-related operations, such as quality management and logistics. All machines and subsystems are networked and technically integrated as part of digitization.

The COAGO Manufacturing Execution System makes the Internet of Things (IoT) possible in roll production and converting (films, paper, nonwovens, textiles). Like a hub in a wheel with many spokes, the ERP system and along the value chain in production, all machine data, process data, quality data and operating data are integrated. All machines and subsystems are networked and technically integrated. The data is available within a homogeneous solution for evaluations. These are the basis for continuous improvement processes, or CIP for short.

The introduction of COAGO MES significantly increases the transparency and efficiency of production. Machine efficiency, raw material efficiency and personnel efficiency as well as productivity are sustainably increased.

In addition, GRASS GmbH offers consulting services in the business area Lean Manufacturing for the target group of reel producers and the manufacturing industry. This includes seminars and workshops for project management and business process optimization, as well as support and assumption of responsibility for results in project management, project controlling, process analysis and business process optimization. 

Your advantages

  • Shorter production lead times and more flexibility
  • Higher quality and more satisfied customers
  • Fast amortization
  • Use of proven, high-performance standard technologies
  • Investment protection, future-proofing and release capability thanks to industry focus
  • Customizing without programming
  • Scalability: additional locations, operations, technologies
  • Benefit from more than 30 years of industry experience of GRASS GmbH and use the know-how of the industry specialists!
  • We are very happy to answer your questions at any time.

Features and functionalities:

  • Production data acquisition
  • Process data acquisition
  • Machine data acquisition, automation
  • Shift planning and cycles
  • Tracking, product or batch tracing
  • Resource management
  • Material availability check - available to promise (ATP check)
  • Inventory replication from ERP system
  • Monitoring, deadline monitoring
  • Detailed planning and control center functionalities
  • Bypass or campaign and parallel production and planning
  • Demand determination, scheduling / planning and availability check for raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating supplies
  • Integrated in-process quality management
  • Inspection plans, inspection frequencies, inspection characteristics, automated inspection results recording / integration of inspection equipment
  • Reporting, diagrams, query wizard and production controlling
  • Interfaces to ERP systems (e.g. SAP MES and MES SAP) and subsystems such as driverless transport systems, forklift control systems, PLC, mixing systems
  • Multi-client capability
  • Multilingualism

Production-specific operations and features:

  • Recipes, pulp/mixing, color mixing and color storage, mix lot formation, mixer control and PLC.
  • Compounding
  • Extruder, Fourdrinier, Paper machine, Calender
  • Roll and format slitter, winder
  • Laminating / extrusion laminating, coating, laminating, embossing, perforating.
  • Printing: Motif management, inks and inking unit assignment, impression cylinders, clichés, printing data and specifications
  • Control of ink application and batch tracing back to the material batch of the formulation components
  • Job accounting
  • Connection of ink mixing systems, ink store management and disposition
  • Technical center, material testing
  • Quality controls in the production process and test laboratory
  • Freely definable inspection plans (material-, customer-, machine-related), catalogs for inspection characteristics, inspection results recording and connection of test
  • quipment
  • Extended control plans and specifications in coAgo Specs
  • Definition of rule-based decision processes
  • Labeling, packing, palletizing, weighing
  • Warehouse, buffer storage, shipping and logistics

Target groups:

  • films
  • paper
  • nonwovens
  • tixtiles
  • board
  • packaging industry
  • rolls
  • reels
  • coils
  • production
  • converting
  • refinement
  • processing


Already more than 5.000 users located on 25 sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Protugal, Thailand, China, Russia, Canada und the USA are supported by our Manufacturing Execution System COAGO.

We are proud to include worldwide leading manufacturers to our client repertoire. Surely many of them are very familiar to you, most of them eiter as clients, suppliers and/or competitors. Please contact us for more details.

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Functions (excerpt) of COAGO MES:

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Technical specifications:

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Win 8
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Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Client : Win 9x, XP, NT, 2000 / Server : Win NT/2000, Linux, o. a.