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Methods and Protocols
Includes cutting-edge methods and protocols, Provides step-by-step detail essential for reproducible results, Contains key notes and implementation advice from the experts This volume provides comprehensive protocols that researchers can use to dissect out fundamental principles and molecular mechanisms of hypertension, extending from genetics of experimental hypertension to biomarkers in clinical hypertension. Hypertension: Methods and Protocols guides readers through chapters on genetics and mmics of hypertension; the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone ...
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MathFilm Festival 2008
A Collection of Mathematical Videos
The MathFilm DVD presents a juried collection of innovative short math videos. The films are winners of the international competition of the MathFilm Festival 2008. Following the May premiere in Berlin, the festival films are shown in public viewings throughout Germany. The festival is part of the "Year of Mathematics" initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The films target a broad audience of students, teachers, and everyone with an interest in mathematics. The topics range from geometry to graphics ...
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Atlas of the Liver
The goal of the Atlas of the Liver is to augment comprehensive texts
In the third edition of the Atlas of the Liver, the authors present (and evaluate) many crucial concepts regarding liver disease using photomicrographs, charts and, tables. The goal of the Atlas of the Liver is to augment comprehensive texts. Every major hepatic disease is thoroughly addressed, along with guidance as to the most efficient and effective ways to treat them. Dr. Willis Maddrey, along with 24 leading hepatologists, has interwoven concepts from fields such as molecular biology with the results of clinical observations and trials in order to facilitate efficient, accurate diagnosis and the use of effective therapy ...
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Wolfgang Doeblin
A Mathematician Rediscovered
Wolfgang Doeblin, one of the great probabilists of the 20th century, was already widely known in the 1950s for his fundamental contributions to the theory of Markov chains. His coupling method became a key tool in later developments at the interface of probability and statistical mechanics. But the full measure of his mathematical stature became apparent only in 2000 when the sealed envelope containing his construction of diffusion processes in terms of a time change of Brownian motion was finally opened, 60 years after it was sent to the Academy of Sciences in Paris ...
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3D Conformal Radiation Therapy
Multimedia Introduction to Methods and Techniques
Recent research in the field of radiotherapy has brought forth a wide variety of new techniques, which have significantly impacted on the clinical practice of radiotherapy. This electronic book gives an in-depth description of new techniques and their physical principles as well as an overview of new technical developments. Topics covered in this DVD include such innovative subjects as: Inverse Planning – Monte Carlo Techniques in Treatment Planning; Stereotactic Radiotherapy- Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy; Image Guided Radiotherapy Procedures – Radiation Therapy with Charged particles ...
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N is a Number
A Portrait of Paul Erdös
A man with no home and no job, Paul Erdös was the most prolific mathematician who ever lived. A wandering genius, Erdös, who died in 1996 at the age of 83, spent his life engaged in a cosmic struggle to uncover truths hidden by a stubborn adversary - God. In N is a Number he describes this metaphysical duel with the same wry humor he applied to politics, relationships and death. The documentary follows him through four countries to discover what makes mathematicians tick. N is a Number presents Erdös' mathematical quest, its personal and philosophical dimensions, and the tragic historical events that molded his life ...
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Plant Cell Biology on DVD
Plant Cell Biology on DVD
The DVD contains approx. 2,000 images and more than 250 movies of the cell biology and structure-function relationships of subcellular components of plant cells. Most forms of microscopy and most forms of sample preparation are included. The superior quality given by high-pressure freezing/freeze-substitution is featured in all chapters. Particular emphasis is placed on movie recording of dynamic processes in live cells, thus making avaiable events which few teachers or students can hope to see for themselves ...
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Touching Soap Films
This is a scientific video about the world of soap films - DVD-Video NTSC
This is a scientific video about the world of soap films designed for the general public. Few other physical problems have influenced as many branches of mathematics in the past 200 years as have the study of soap films. A soap film is physically similar to a piece of rubber surface which tries to contract itself under surface tension to a surface with least area. The video is completely computer generated. It explains the world of soap films and their properties in an amusing story, in which a young boy explores the palace of soap films ...
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Australia & New Zealand Business Directory
Business Directory for Australia and New Zealand
Australia + New Zealand Business Directory. Selected companies from Australia, New Zealand with websites 30.400 entrepises in 3.900 classifications. with email & homepageUnlimited exporting capabilities! This directory covers about 32,000 companies (businesses), importers, exporters from Australia: Company Name, Email, Website addresses, business descriptions, Searchable by keywords, Yahoo-style category structureWhat's inside this CD-ROM? business records with email, website information and brief introduction ...
Asia Business Listings - Asia Business Directory Package
Business Listings of Asia with entries of 265.000 entreprises
Asia Business Directories Package. Business Listings of ASIA including: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan More than 265,000 businesses from above hot Asian zones. 265,000 companies in more than 10,000 classifications with contact names, email & homepage Unlimited exporting capabilities! Asia Business Directory Package (Business directory of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea). This package includes the following business directories. Business directory of Hong Kong (57,000 listings), Business directory of Taiwan (71 ...
Business Directory Austria 2011 - Marketing CD business
Business Directory of Austria with entries of 342.000 entreprises
Business Directory of Austria Marketing CD business - Basic, standard, professional. Basic Autria's entreprises on cd including contact names, financial data, employees, fax numbers and more! Find 342.000 companies in 3.470 categories on the Business Directory of Austria Unlimited exporting capabilities! FEATURES . Produkt. Product. Marketing CD basic. Marketing CD standard. Marketing CD professional. Suchkriterien. Search by. . . . Name. Name ...
Business Directories Package Greater China. directories for the Greater China area, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao 860,000 companies in 20,000 classifications With contact names, employees, email, homepage. Unlimited exporting capabilities! This package include four directories for the Greater China area, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Package of. Business Directory of Taiwan, Chinese Companies Directory, Directory of China Suppliers, Business Directory of Hong KongA big saving when you explore all possible Chinese resources ! Produkt ...
Hong Kong Business Directoy 2011 - Address CD
Business Directory of Hong Kong
- Address CD Selected Hong Kong importers,exporters,suppliers 87,000 companies in 4,200 classifications incl. contact names, email & homepage, products & services Unlimited exporting capabilities! Hong Kong Business Directory selected Hong Kong importers,exporters,suppliers. Recently Updated, 2011 version, Covers most of active importers, exporters, manufacturers in Hong Kong, Based on official data from Hong Kong authority, Full details In English, Full details of contact person, (Chairman, CEO, General manager, Sales manager ...
Business Database of Angola
Business Database for Angola including 4.900 entries of enterprises
Business Database Angola 2009. Marketing CD with entries of 9.100 enterprises in over 250 categories Unlimited exporting capabilities ! OS CAMPOS. Entidade, Morada, Município, Província, País, Telefone, Fax, Email, Página Web, Área de Actividade, Categoria, ID OS DADOS. 9.184 Entidades, 9.184 Moradas, 9.184 Telefones, 30 Emails, 25 Faxes, 8 Páginas Web Se tem, ou pretende vir a ter, negócios em Angola, esta é a ferramenta de trabalho de que necessita! A Database Angola é a 1ª edição de uma base de dados de empresas e instituições Angolanas ...
Canada 2010 - Canada Business Database
Canada Business Database
Explore the whole Canadian market! Canadian Businesses with phone numbers, addresses, etc. Excellent B2B tool for your business campaign in Canada 1,140,000 companies in 3,300 classifications With contact names, email & homepage. Unlimited exporting capabilities! Produkt. Product. Suchkriterien. Search by. Name. Name. x. Ort. City. O (RAW). Branche. Activity. x. Rufnummer. Phone Number. O (RAW). Inhalte. Displays. Telefonteilnehmer ...
Xilisoft ISO Pro
Xilisoft ISO Pro is excellent ISO making and editing software for making all files on your
As expert ISO creating tool, Xilisoft ISO pro can effortlessly make all files including document, program, and multimedia files into ISO image file. You can also use it to open and edit image file like adding, deleting and extracting files from it. Key Features: High compatibility - Support making all files including document, program, and multimedia files into ISO image file. Edit image files freely - Xilisoft ISO Pro enables you to edit loaded image, thus you can add or delete files in it, and even extract files from it to hard disk ...
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ABBYY FineReader Professional
OCR software for professional and efficient work with documents
ABBYY FineReader is a an intelligent OCR software for creating editable and searchable files from scanned paper documents, PDFs and digital photos. ABBYY FineReader 10 gives you the power to unlock data in documents and images and transform them into manageable and accessible information. The key features of the product include: Outstanding OCR Accuracy and Layout Retention, even on documents and images which are typically difficult for OCR - faxes, digital photographs, documents with long tables, barcodes, multiple and complex image items ...
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Global Listed Company Directory CD-ROM
Collection of companies listed in global market incl.New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, etc
Global Listed Company Directory. This list is a collection of companies listed in global market including New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, China Stock Exchange, and etc. USA Japan United Kingdom Australia China Taiwan Germany France Greece Poland Bulgaria Italy Canada Norway... 19,400 Companies in over 100 Categories incl. Contact Name, Stock Symbol, Stock Exchange, Address,Website, Email. Unlimited exporting capabilities! Features. Vendor. Search by Keywords ...
Address CD Croatia / Telefonski imenik Republike Hrvatske - Žute stranice Telefonski imenik na CD ROM-u nudi napredne mogucnosti pretraživanja podataka Telephone directory of the Republic of Croatia and Yellow pages 1.8 million business + residential listings 126,000 companies in 1,150 classifications. Produkt. Product. Telefonski imenik Republike Hrvatske i Žute stranice. Telephone directory of the Republic of Croatia and Yellow pages. Suchkriterien. Search by ...
Canada Street Atlas Plus Business Listings with Phone Data. Now includes 14,827,444 Canadian residential and business phone listings 14.8 million business + residential listings from Canada 1,000,000 companies in 34,000 classifications. Unlimited exporting capabilities with 1,000 records at a time ! Produkt. Product. Street Atlas USA® Plus with Phone Data. Suchkriterien. Search by. Name. Name. x. Ort. City. x. Branche. Activity. x. Rufnummer ...
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