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Personnel management. Simple. Online.


Personnel management. Simple. Online.
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HeavenHR is a modern, convenient and secure platform for your HR processes. Recruiting, personnel management and payroll in one!

The software is modular and you can activate and use the modules according to your needs and requirements.

The modules of HeavenHR

  • Digital personnel file
    Each employee can edit released fields independently. This ensures that the data is always up to date. You always have an overview and can enter required data at any time and retrieve it with a click.

  • Time recording
    With time recording, working hours can be recorded easily and to the minute. Employees can check in and out either via 1-click check-in via desktop, smartphone access via their own account or via fingerprint or chip terminals.

  • Shift planning
    With digital shift planning, you can map your staff scheduling efficiently and reliably. Create shifts online, taking into account hourly accounts or absences. Employees and supervisors can be informed immediately about assignments or changes.

  • On- and offboarding
    When you hire a new employee or an employee leaves the company, there are often recurring tasks that can be automated with the help of the software with just a few clicks.

  • Vacation & absences
    The vacation and absences module makes the administrative processes of requesting and approving leave streamlined and digital. With this module, you always have an overview of all absences.

  • Recruiting
    With the appropriate applicant management, applicants are guided through all application phases in an organized manner. Benefit from the powerful Applicant Tracking System. All information is stored in one place and the status of the application can be viewed at any time. Application phases can be configured individually. Access rights can be assigned as needed to recruiters and hiring managers for internal evaluation or comment function. Of course, data processing is GDPR-compliant.

  • Payroll
    With the reliable complete payroll solution, we offer monthly payroll accounting. Every employer is obliged to hand out a payroll to his employees, which represents how the salary of his employees is composed. The preparatory payroll is generated electronically, saving you the time-consuming process of gathering wage-related changes. Scheduled changes are included as a matter of course. After your approval, HeavenHR can transmit the payroll data to your payroll service provider in the appropriate format.

Target groups:

HeavenHR is ideal for small and medium-sized companies from all sectors.

Contact information:
Frau Victoria Scholz
030 549 056 088
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Absence management
Creation and deletion of documents
Working hours, absences
Working time recording
Working time corrections
Working time models
Working time management
Task management
Automated correspondence
employment planning
Company pension scheme
Provision of operating resources
Applicant data
Applicant profiles
Application management
Remuneration, one-time payments and bonuses
Display of personnel attendance overviews
Data storage
DATEV interfaces
Date annotation
Service cards
Duty rosters
Digital applicant file
Digital personnel file
Document templates
Document access
Email and online applications
Shift planning
Employee Self Service
payroll accounting
Export employee master data
Export functions
Feedback processes
Absenteeism statistics
Salary statements
Generation of job advertisements
Business trips and customer visits
legal holidays
Import functions
Unsolicited applications
Job Tenders
Course evaluations
Performance appraisals and target agreements
Wages and salaries
Payroll accounting
Process wage types
Multi-user capability
Multiple applications
Minimum working time and daily target
Employee file
Employee badges
Employee capacities
Employee profiles
Employee surveys
Employee management
Mobile time recording
Sample contracts
Sample templates
User and rights management
Organization chart
Break times
Personnel data management
Personnel resource planning (PRP)
Personnel development
Personnel cost centers
Personnel planning
personnel master data
Personnel time recording
Process reporting
Remaining vacation
Revision security
On-call and stand-by duties
Shift staffing
Shift models
Interfaces to payroll accounting programs
Target/actual comparisons
Start of processes
Publish job advertisement
Create job postings
Manage job postings
Job descriptions
Job planning
Hourly wage recording
Hourly rate management
Activity planning
Certificates of attendance
Overtime calculations
Calculation of vacation entitlement
Vacation management
Vacation overviews
Processing the applicant pool
Completeness and consistency
Completeness control
Time recording
Time models, time accounts
Target agreements, employee appraisals
access controls
Access management
Access control

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Technical specifications:
SaaS, Cloud:
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
possible for a fee
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dialogue language(s):
English, German, French
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Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
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Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
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