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Version:  10

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The BVS product family is based on years of development, improvements, and enhancements. Each BVS product has been developed to require minimal hardware requirements and is based on methodologies that allow endusers to learn the product quickly with ease of use. BVS products support features such as MAB-Format compatibility, data import / export facilities, bar code checkout methodologies, and many more valuable features:

  • Checkout Counter including receipt printing and bar code input
  • Allows remote borrowing / sign outs
  • Reminder generation
  • System statistics reporting
  • User administration
  • OPAC
  • Comprehensive search tool
  • Easy data input / import with duplicate data checking / verification
  • Budget monitoring and accounting
  • Extensive reporting from various data pools using ISBN
  • MAB data import and export facility
  • Data transfer and access to CD ROM, Z39.50
  • Extensive reports and bar code labels
  • Magazine management and administration
  • Address data management with serial letter functionality
  • Integrated and automatic daily data backups with no other software required
  • Ability to define and execute external programs and software with user restrictions and controls
Barcode, RFID
Barcode scanner
Barcode printing
Barcode recognition
User and rights management
User management
Library management
Data backup
Print function
Driving library
Deadline management
Deadline monitoring
Fee management
Reader management
MAB data acquisition
Reservation management
Search filter
Full text search
Template management
Periodicals management
Target groups:
  • public libraries
  • educational libraries
  • church libraries
  • hospital libraries
  • institution libraries
  • and other various media enterprises
79.00 EUR (66.39 EUR plus 19% VAT) - BVS Compact - Germany
349.00 EUR (293.28 EUR plus 19% VAT) - BVS Standard - Germany
from 649.00 EUR (545.38 EUR plus 19% VAT) - BVS Professional - Germany
free of charge (BVS Lite)
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