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Aeneis - the universal BPM professional software for successful business process managemen

Aeneis | BPM Software for Business Process Management

Aeneis - the universal BPM professional software for successful business process managemen

Version:  6.0

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Intellior - Your experienced BPM solutions partner for over 25 years

Business processes are by no means a new invention of modern companies in a globalized economic cycle. However, with the increased demands of our time, it is necessary to optimize those diverse individual activities that are brought together and linked together to form such a process, in order to be able to effectively achieve the company's goals. These individual tasks and processes always require control and monitoring as well as further development in order to remain competitive with one's own company in the future. Aeneis is a BPM software for your business process management to control, monitor and develop all those business processes in a more structured way. All in line with the defined goals.

Intellior AG has applied its experience of more than 25 years to the development of the Aeneis BPM software. The result is an application that proves to be a smart and award-winning BPM tool. It can be used in any industry and company size due to its modular structure. If required, additional modules can also be integrated, so that you need have no fear that the software would at some point no longer be effectively usable in the event of increasing or changing demands and requirements. With the integrated functions, the application also convinces with a certain multifunctionality, resulting in a universal usability.

With SmartEdit, SmartModel, the WebModeller and the Collaboration package, Aeneis also offers innovative and flexible web modeling options for different target groups as well as social BPM features that make it easier for the workforce to get started with process management and significantly increase their active participation.

Aeneid is used in the following scenarios:

  • Process alignment & process modeling
  • Process control & improvement
  • Process execution & automation
  • Establishment of a process organization
  • Process Transparency
  • Compliance Management
  • Strategy management
  • Risk management and ICS
  • Idea management and CIP
  • Audit management and QM

Your advantages when using Aeneis BPM software: 

  • intuitive usage
  • flexible customization
  • enables innovative web modeling
  • designed for different target groups and social BPM features
  • holistic approach for more partnership-based solution orientation in BPM consulting
  • pragmatic model for individual approach
  • with multi-layered competence of the individual methodologies
  • complex requirements can be implemented with confidence and legal certainty
  • modular structure, expandable at any time
  • suitable for use in internal process alignment, modeling, control, improvement, execution and automation
  • facilitates the implementation of the entire process organization
  • creates process transparency
  • is suitable for compliance, strategy, idea, audit, quality, and risk management as well as ICS and CIP
  • includes numerous functions such as tree structures, task generation, reports including their evaluations, workflow designer, multilingualism, multi-user capability and much more
  • especially the easy-to-understand process analysis facilitates internal business process optimization
  • non-binding test access for 30 days

Intellior also offers numerous ways to get started quickly and smoothly with process management with Aeneis, including live webinars and webinar recordings, online presentations, training & workshops, expert talks, best practices, and live events such as the Symposium. 

    Target groups:

    Due to its modular structure, Aeneis is used by a total of more than 1,000 companies in all industries and of all sizes.


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    Functions (excerpt) of Aeneis | BPM Software for Business Process Management:
    2D representation
    Task generation
    Task tracking
    Tree structures
    Reports and evaluations
    BPMN 2.0
    BPMN 2.0 workflows
    Entity Relationship Modeling
    Business process modeling
    Multi-user capability
    Migration of tasks
    Modeling workflow
    Process analysis
    Process automation
    Process descriptions
    Process modeling
    Process templates
    Process visualization
    Quality management
    Rights and role management
    Risk and compliance management
    Risk management
    Risk carrier diagram
    Workflow Designer
    free of charge
    on request
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    Technical specifications:
    SaaS, Cloud:
    On-premises (local installation):
    Multi-user (network-compatible):
    Multi-client compatible:
    for a fee
    possible for a fee
    First installation (year):
    number of installations:
    Manufacturer based in:
    for a fee
    for a fee
    Installation support:
    not required
    Manual, Online Help, Demo version, Technical documentation
    Dialogue language(s):
    English, German
    System requirements:
    Compatible operating systems (runs with):
    Win 11
    Win 10
    Win 8
    Win 7
    Win Server
    Mainframe based
    Unix based
    Linux based
    Mac OS
    Mobile OSs (supports):
    Old Compatible Operating Systems:
    Win Vista
    Win XP
    Win 9x/ME
    Win Phone / Mobile
    data storage medium:
    Flash memory
    Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
    Aeneis is characterized by state-of-the-art technologies and future-oriented standards Aeneis is a standard software whose programming embodies a very high technical level in structure and design. It makes only low technical demands.