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Software for Digital Video, Video Cut, Editing - current Market Overview

Current market overview of software for editing videos, video management and video analysis. Importing, trimming, splitting, joining and rotating videos, editing clips, inserting images or exporting stills and publishing finished projects is possible with software of sometimes very different functionality.

With a video editing program, videos (normal but also 360° videos) can be imported in the various formats and edited on the desktop computer. Editing includes, for example, deleting sequences, adding background music, inserting titles and credits. Programs can handle different resolutions (e.g. HD and 4K) and frame rates, possibly even in a single video project. Depending on the video editing program, there are different editing features, filters and effects. Video editing is followed by rendering of the edited video and subsequent output of the video. Videos can be output to DVD or Blu-ray in various formats or embedded on video platforms as a file or link. Videos can also be created directly as a file in one of the popular video formats such as MPG, AVI, MKV, etc. In most cases, the programs support a wide variety of codecs and formats.

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