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Communication software and EDI interface and EDI converter
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!MC5 - OFTP, OFTP2, EDI converter and more

!MC5 (formerly Odette MC) is a modular communication software and EDI interface for the special requirements in the B2B communication area. !MC5 supports data transmission according to common industry standards.

EDI stands for electronic data interchange and the standards belonging to EDI were developed out of the cooperation of companies or industry associations.

The software !MC5 as a communication and EDI converter sets standards in the processing and conversion of EDI data and ensures an extremely flexible connection of individual company software. Respond flexibly to the constantly changing requirements in the EDI environment with the help of !MC5. 

Advantages of !MC5

  • conversion of common EDI standards like VDA, EDIFACT, ASC X12 and more
  • data exchange with any number of partners
  • secure communication according to common standards
  • certified OFTP2 support
  • complete logging of all processes
  • integrated backup function

The wide range of automation options, the particularly simple setup and intuitive operation make !MC5 the effective and cost-efficient interface for your company-specific requirements in B2B communication.

Modules for !MC5

  • MC5 BASE
  • EDI
  • OFTP
  • OFTP2
  • AS2
  • SFTP

!MC5 is the ideal EDI converter for your communication between the outside world and the company software. The software includes the automatic processing of EDI messages in the usual standards (UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12, etc.) as well as the conversion of the messages into any freely definable in-house formats.

You also have the option to use the software as a "gap filler" or as a supplement for your ERP and to map the printout of goods tags according to VDA 4902, for example, via the additional print functions available depending on the message type.

The EDI module includes the following features, among others:

  • complete automation of the conversion of EDI messages
  • editor for structured (tree view) and readable (plain text) view of EDI messages
  • checking and, if necessary, modification of EDI messages before conversion with the help of scripts
  • several conversions are possible per partner
  • flexible extension of EDI message processing by add-ons
  • adhoc printing of messages and related documents (e.g. goods tags according to VDA 4902)
  • support of XML
  • inhouse format is freely definable
  • control of external transmission software via freely programmable batches

The software directly supports the most widespread protocols in the automotive industry OFTP (according to VDA recommendation 4914/2 via ISDN and TCP/IP) and OFTP2 (via Internet, conformity with OFTP2 specifications certified by Odette International).

The possibility to control external programs already allows the realization of any further transmission methods, for example X.400 or FTP.

Design data (CAD/CAM) are supported by !MC5 both as ENGDAT (according to VDA recommendation 4951) and as ENGPART.

Add-Ons for !MC5

  • E-Mail
  • EngDat
  • EngPart
  • Message EDIFACT
  • AS2 Channel
  • SFTP Channel
  • OFTP/ISDN Channel
  • OFTP/TCP Channel
  • OFTP2 Channel
  • HTTP Client
  • Web Service
  • Windows Service
  • Message ODETTE
  • Message VDA
  • Message X12
  • EP Scripting
  • Client/Server

The add-on Message EDIFACT automatically identifies incoming messages, captures them and feeds them to further processing. An automatic printout of incoming messages takes place according to the standard descriptions of the UN recommendation. The data relationships between text files (flat files) and messages can be defined by the user.

A free demo version is available. Contact us today!

Data exchange
DXF and DWG import
Target groups:
  • Chemical industry

  • Consumer goods industry

  • Building materials industry

  • Electronics, software and telecommunications industry

  • Forwarding industry

  • Furniture industry

  • Electrical industry / electrical wholesale

  • Paper industry

  • Textile industry

  • Transport industry

  • Automotive industry

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